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Thread: main/rod/thrust bearings?

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2012-10-13 05:08:43
main/rod/thrust bearings?
clevite "p" series or acl race? intended use...high perf. weekend street car with occ track daze. high compression vvl motor.
whats the verdict?
2012-10-13 09:55:36
I use stock nissan bearing LOL .. been abuse my motor for almost 2 year ...
so far so good

2012-10-13 17:59:46
I like the ACL race bearings, you could go with the 5 hole mains in std, std rod and thrust bearings and be good as gold.
2012-10-13 20:04:19
I went with 5 hole stock Nissan ones for the mains (purely due to the grades available) and acl race std for the rods, and acl thrust washers, but as long as the engine is built well you'll have no problems using either stock or acl

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2012-10-13 20:46:23
I prefer the stock bearings
2012-10-14 05:59:15
i know shit about bearings (obviously).....iirc, the 2.4 had 5 hole mains when i tore it down. are the 5 hole mains oem or does acl make those also? reason i ask is.. i requested, and paid for, acl's on that motor.
2012-10-14 08:33:51
I dont recall there being an oem nissan 5 hole main bearing set unless thats what they used in say the 20v and VET motor. I know VE's dont come factory with 5 hole mains.

They were more than likely ACL's. I used the ACL Race 5 hole mains on mine.
2012-10-14 15:52:52
guys the gtir mains are 5 hole and can be used in the ve and de (these are what the acl 5 holes are based on), Teal97 the easy way to see if they are acl or nissan is look at the stampings on the bearing, here is an nissan 5 hole main

as you can see they are clearly stamped nissan, where as acl bearings are stamped with the acl part number, year of manufacture and the acl logo like this

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2012-10-14 23:32:28
i use to use nissan bearings, now i use acl and ive been pretty good, took 28 psi no problems
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