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Thread: installed N1 cams, BC springs + retainers and CS cam gears... no compression now

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2008-05-06 05:45:43
if he did that it would still run though, something definetly went wrong.
2008-05-06 13:41:21
Originally Posted by Dick
So did the car run fine for a while or could you pretty much start it up and thats it?? My car will not start up at all now.
Gonna double check the valves again.

It would start and run, although it sounded something FIERCE, like a damn big block v8 I thought to myself, "Cams should make it lope a little bit, but DAMN that's a lot of lope!"

Took it around the block and anything above 4K she would fall on her face.
2008-05-06 16:26:02
I belive you didn't put the chain in the correct place, between the gear marks you should have 20 rollers, check the SR20DE marks in the FSM (EM section), is the same at the VE
2008-05-06 16:30:37
Originally Posted by VVLtrain
Ok this may be a dumb question but which cam gears did you get? One +8 and one -8 CS gear? If so, is there a possibility that you may have accidentally switched positions of the cam gears? Maybe instead of installing +5 in and -5 out, you put it as -5 in and +5 out?

I dunno just a shot in the dark.


I bought the +8 and -8 cam gears. Today I am checking the timing chain and make sure the cam gear are not totally wrong like you are saying.
I am going to put the gears at 0 and 0 and hope this corrects the problem.
Originally Posted by ThE_mOnKy
I belive you don't put the chain in the correct place

I'm hoping this will be the only problem.
2008-05-08 02:54:58
Well, the chain was put on wrong (timing) and we found one of the little keepers at the bottom of the lower oil pan
We took off the head today and am having the head sent to a machine shop to get port and polished and to get the springs and retainer installed correctly.

I also found this little guy sitting next to the timing chain about half way down. Anyone know what it is??

2008-05-08 13:36:41
That's the oil squirter that lubes the chain. Looks like you didn't have the chain installed correctly and the chain hit the squirter. Did you install the tensioner properly? Turn the motor over by hand a bunch of times before firing it up?
2008-05-08 17:53:32
I was pretty certain that the chain was not installed correctly, now I see the after math of this
Is the oil squirter still in good enough condition to reinstall?? I mean its a little bent and all.
2008-05-08 23:22:38
you didnt put the tensioner in upside down did you, cuz if you did the holding clip the holds it compressed would not have fallen down after turning the motor over, you will hear the clicks when you thension the chain by turning the motor over, that is the tensioner sliding out into place. the arrow needs to go to the front of the motor, i believe its possible to install it upside down. but that would suck bigtime. Hopefully you get it all worked out
2008-05-09 01:47:56
I did not do any of the work. I am pretty mechanically inclined but putting in cams, springs retainers and cam gears scared me. I had a local shop do the work for me. I am close friends with the owner and his brother and they only charged me $350. Hopefully everything will work out.
I did a little searching and read that you can weld the chain oil squirter back in its original spot. My question is, is mine too banged up and bent to put back on by looking at the pictures??
2008-05-16 16:37:50
Found out I bent all the valves on the exhaust side being of the timing being out of wack.
GregV doesn't have any VE exhaust valves in stock and I'm not ready to throw down $500 on a full set of SuperTech valves.
Anyone have any sr20ve or sr16ve exhaust valves they need to sell?? I need them ASAP!! Please call or PM me.
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