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Thread: 2.0 VE dyno testing

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2012-09-08 22:23:15
BTCC is 54C
Originally Posted by happyharrysco1

Yeah gtir block, and the late ones did use the ve head due to the valve train issues inherent in the earlier head that was used.


In some other Euro Touring series, they used somewhate stockish VE engines but BTCC engines are all 54C all day. Albeit a highly modified 54C.
2012-09-08 22:32:31
No need to be dyno proven, they has been race proven. Early engines had 280HP, later engines even up to 320HP.

Still, its nice to get that close to high $$$ race engines that we all dreamed about.
2012-09-09 10:08:02
cant help but play the video over and over again...crispy sound of the screaming 2.0!!!

jamie are these cams the prototype JWT? what rpm was that run in the video
2012-09-09 12:28:48
What are the cams number
2012-09-09 14:20:35
Interesting you get more power on lower octaine
2012-09-10 12:48:19
Kyle the 99/00 btcc models used a ve head, they were most definitely lowport and ve. iirc this coincided with the change from fully belt driven to a chain driven idler gear that directly turned the cam gears, this was part of a two fold fix, the belt stretching at high rpm so putting cam timing out, and also the valve train weaknesses in the high port head, and of course the bonus of the better flowing head that the ve is.

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2012-09-10 13:19:59
more videos and pix of engine
2012-09-10 13:42:48
Good stuff Jamie. Guys continue the btcc convo somewhere else.
2012-09-10 13:54:08
OK Couple of questions if you want to share!!
What was the setup used on the first graph and on the second just to clarify!!
To what I can understand from your comments
First graph - 2.0l 12.5:1 ok What Head, Cams ,Intake Manifold Combo??
Second graph - 2.0l 12.5:1 Ported head, Custom Cams and ITB's rigth??
Please If you can explain so this can be an Informative thread!!
2012-09-10 13:58:12
Everything remained the same. Only changes was the car went from an intake manifold to ITB's. Same head, same cams, same header, etc.
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