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Thread: 2.0 VE dyno testing

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2012-09-08 03:43:09
That's insane. Great work. Too bad 1st gear is useless I know because I'm making 50+ less HP and mine is
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2012-09-08 03:49:07
Nice work!
Thanks for sharing.
2012-09-08 03:56:50
2012-09-08 03:59:26
Wow. Impressive numbers and yes, thank-you for sharing!

Questions, (if you don't mind):

1) Can you guess how much more whp you might make on this same set-up, with say 100 octane?
2) Also, with the same components but with say 14:1 and C14 or C16 fuel?
3) Why did you go smaller with the exhaust cam, is it because of the port work or ITB's?
3) Are these the custom cams that require work to the valvetrain or are they still under 12.5/6mm?

Appreciate anything you might have to say!
2012-09-08 04:01:58
see it deh... so explain the 92 mm bore with this set up to the man dem.
2012-09-08 04:06:47
Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R
SR20VE ITB - YouTube

For a sec I seriously taught your car was a street bike lol
2012-09-08 04:14:04
Pics of the engine bay?
2012-09-08 04:20:10
Great job Jamie, Im very interested in the cam combo if your willing to share. PM me some info if you dont mind.

I would imagine the smaller exhaust cam would be to keep the velocity up on the ported head. Very interesting.
2012-09-08 04:21:06
Oh shet!!!
Rewriting the books
2012-09-08 04:24:18
this has been my facebook update for tonight. Good work sir.
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