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Thread: Just got my VE

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2008-04-30 00:49:42
Just got my VE
Looked the motor over at the shipping place and i saw a broken distributor and a couple broken sensors , but i dont need any of them so i signed for it and left. Got home and got it out of the back of the truck and saw this!
I dont know how i could have overlooked this when they loaded it up. The pallet it was on was all messed up so i checked the oil pan and it was alright, the distributor cap was shattered, and the tps sensor and iacv plugs were messed up but other than that looked good. I get the motor unloaded and see the manifold is completely cracked all the way around the throttle body. I called the engine company and the shipping company and they said the claims lady will call me tomorrow am. Hopefully they can get me a new manifold or ill be looking for a lowport manifold. Are the lowport de manifolds the same as the ve manifold?
2008-04-30 01:12:01
I don't know if the ports match, or not. I do have a 95~97 DE manifold I'll shoot your way, though. Just pay shipping.
2008-04-30 01:13:08
ive got a polished stock sr20ve manifold for sale if you want.
2008-04-30 01:25:46
ill hit you guys up tomorrow if im s.o.l. with the shipping company. Im pretty sure ill be responsible since i didnt sign it damaged but well see. she is supposed to call me tomorrow at 6:30 or so a.m.
2008-04-30 02:09:38
You can take this time to reweld the flange in a way so that it has a more direct flow into the mani instead of being angled. I have spoken with a couple of south africans about it, seems they have freed up quite a few ponies by doing this.
2008-04-30 02:33:55
Man sucks bro! I know exactly how you feel, been through it myself, good thing I had a reliable source look after my stupid ass better then I could have hoped for.

Good luck with getting it patched up, it sucks to see your baby arrive broken. The SAME thing happened to me, I signed off and didn't notice until I got it home.

You can bet your ass If I ever buy another motor again, I will bring a magnifying glass with me as well as unwrap it before i sign anything. It would have saved both me and the seller from allot of hassle and trouble that could have been avoided.

Take your time and fix her up right, you will not regret it!

Best wishes.

2008-04-30 04:12:31
dude that aint crackes thats broken, that just some f@$k handling by the shippers, i just hope their held responsible f@#king shame man
2008-04-30 04:35:46
WOW that sucks ... i would have been mad pist and wanting to kill someone ... hope u got it cheap lol
2008-04-30 07:12:54
sucks man.

Low port won't fit btw.

Get a spare VE, N1 or hit me up for some ITB's
2008-04-30 12:12:11
I got a couple of VE Intake Manifolds let me know if you need one..
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