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Thread: 88mm on a budget!! (Not on budget anymore!!!) New Dyno!!

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2013-10-20 06:17:37
Originally Posted by Payu
All the cell pictures I have are in STD so I will need to go to Dyno to get them in SAE you know the numbers will be lower 3-4whp and lb/ft I am not measuring myself against nobody just sharing my results!!
Anyway Dyno numbers vary from one Dyno brand to another I prefer Dynojet against other brands than can manipulate numbers significantly just changing a correction factor
I tune my car here on 4th gear and when car run at the 1/4 mile timing its on spot compared to when I use to tune on 3rd gear usually had to lower timing to get better results @ 1/4 mile

Perfect answer, there sure are some haters here.
2013-10-20 14:26:22
I reckon it has to do with gaining a wider scope of numbers in one format. I enjoy all sorts of number from all sorts of cars on this forum.

How frustrating would it be if I used .000 thousandths of an inch and you are using .000 mm to measure clearances and we are trying to compare?

I know that a dyno device is a bit more of a personal tool used to more accurately measure the changes made on your car but the format at which this information is displayed does have a way to make it one format, why not apply it? Maybe this is one of my silly pipe dreams for some form of consistency in how dynamometer machines display output power/s.
2013-10-20 22:08:30
Like he stated before, he is not comparing. Those numbers as he said are for his personal use,so why push the issue?
2013-10-20 22:23:41
Yeah that's right dynos are a device to measure, but most importantly to compare to previous configurations and set ups. That's the reason I always use a corrected figure... that way I get on the rollers and tune one day, the next day I get back on but with a different head port or whatever it may be (something not easily changed on the dyno)and I want to see how it does in comparison. Well then I don't have to worry if the weather is slightly more humid and thus negatively affecting my numbers... I just don't really see any point in using STD numbers for anything. But I don't care what you use, just wonder why.
2013-10-20 22:45:47
Cory in the Caribbean the temp and humidity does not vary that much. 85 - 90 degrees days and 70-75 degree nights is constant all year round, so using STD numbers is fine.
2013-10-21 02:53:40
Always humid and always hot!! No mater the season of the year
2013-10-21 15:16:31
Is the dyno shop willing to give you the run files? If so, just download the viewer software from the Dynojet website, and you can change any runs from STD to SAE, do overlays, change scaling etc.

2014-01-13 13:24:06

Best mod ever!!! Forget about ITB's 850cc injectors and some M5 FTW!!
2014-01-13 13:35:33
what is that?

2 L to 2.1 L difference.
2014-01-13 13:38:21
VP Methanol blend they have 3 types of Methanol M5 its the best on this grahp its a comparisson of regular Methanol and M5 and results are as advertised by VP more power!!!
Made 21whp @ 14 ft/lb of torque over 93 pump gas!!!

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Last edited by Payu on 2014-01-13 at 13-40-02.
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