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Thread: problems with ve swap

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2012-06-24 20:29:35
problems with ve swap
I just finished swapping a high port sr20de for a Vvl motor. Got it started today and at first it wouldn't idle at all but when i would hold the gas it would run but was missing horribly sounded almost like it was running on one cylinder after messing with the iacv and made it stay running a while it cleared up a little and is idling now. But it is still missing and when i take the # 2 or 3 plug wire off nothing changes but if i take 1 or 4 out the miss gets worse ive changed plugs, coil, and ignitor and it is still doing it. Does anyone have any ideas on what to check now. I need to have the car running as soon as possible as it is my daily. Any help is appreciated.
2012-06-24 20:40:03
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2012-06-24 20:47:43
I used de distributor by the way
2012-06-24 20:55:32
So my original post was relevant. Which way did you face the distributor, plugs facing front or rear of engine compartment.
2012-06-24 20:56:58
Truthfully there could be a few things causing shit here. Take some pics, or hell even a video of the issue and post it up, will get a solution way faster.
2012-06-24 20:58:47
Wires facing rear of vehicle. And pics of what exactly
2012-06-24 21:04:07
Distributor area, wires, all that stuff...........Are you sure you should of been doing this swap?
2012-06-24 21:12:21
Never mind I come to this forum to try and get help and your gonna me an ass hole ill just figure it out myself
2012-06-24 21:23:57
What year is your car, and did you double check the injector harness.do you have the solenoids unplugged?
2012-06-24 21:43:10
Car is a 91 non ser had the de swap done when i got it. And if you mean Vvl solenoids they are not wired in yet was gonna get it running right before hooking up vvl. All plugs are in good on injectors but when I unplug #2 or 3 nothing happens just like when i take those plug wires out
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