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Thread: SR20VE vs. K20A

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2012-06-21 05:42:14
SR20VE vs. K20A
As you guys know the K20A is a popular swap for the Acura Integra, there are a few different versions but the most popular one makes 240hp @ 8400rpm and 159ft lbs torque @ 7000 rpm (suprisingly high, for a Honda motor I think).

I found out the other night that Integras with these K swaps really, really move. I asked the guy if it was boosted, he goes "nope just a K swap" and we are going to the drag strip on Friday night to get official times. He had pretty much every bolt on so I'd imagine he'd be putting down well over 240 at the wheels.

So whats the deal with these engines? It seems like they have unlimited aftermarket support. I still think my fuel cut is too low, everytime I had to shift I was a goner.
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2012-06-21 05:46:34
Yeah they are fast. But i didnt think they made 240. How much they make to the wheels? Cause i think some teggy out here did a k swap and hes running 14.6's. Might be a b18
2012-06-21 05:50:28
Here's where I got info on them, the one at the top is the popular one apparently:

Honda K engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2012-06-21 06:03:20
Originally Posted by sugarwaterpurpl
Yeah they are fast. But i didnt think they made 240. How much they make to the wheels? Cause i think some teggy out here did a k swap and hes running 14.6's. Might be a b18

Definitely not a K swap if he's running 14.6's. I believe K swapped civics and teggys run at least between mid 12's and very low 13's. Here in Atlanta the Honda game is big (like everywhere else I suppose) And I know a lot of Honda people. And Honda always has my respect cause like you say they can MOVE! Well at least the K series swaps. They aren't no joke. GSR swapped civics are pretty quick as well if done right.
2012-06-21 06:04:02
It doesn't take a lot to make awesome power from the K20a/z3.

They just rip from the factory and people have really supported them and pushed the envelope with them. It's not too difficult to get 250 NA whp.
2012-06-21 06:09:41
Yep, mid 12's to low 13's sounds pretty accurate, it just had amazing top end.
2012-06-21 06:28:59
Sorry bro, welcome to the real world. The K20 is a badass motor and the VE has been playing catch up from day one. Man I wish we had even half of their aftermarket and factory support.
2012-06-21 07:18:21
The trick that makes the k20 so powerful is the combination of low/high cam profiles like the old vtec motors or our vvl, plus variable cam timing (think of being able to adjust your cam gears while the engine is running).
2012-06-21 07:44:03
Yeah they are badass. Like we all say, wish we had more of a variety in aftermarket/factory. But doesnt the K series motors, (the high end ones that is) cost alot? A vvl cost under 1k. alittle over 1k tuned appropriately and bolt on's. And they are a pretty fun motor, bang for the buck.
2012-06-21 07:47:04
Don't forget their 6 speed boxes that have great ratios.

The most powerful stock K20 comes in the import DC5 Integras something like 220hp stock, with just bolt ons you can happily see 240-250hp.

The problem is the SR was built to compete with the Bseries engines, Honda then further developed with the KSeries but Nissan did not follow suit. Who knows maybe there is a development engine somewhere it just never made it to manufacture.

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