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Thread: stock ve dyno

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2012-06-04 18:59:44
stock ve dyno
Hey guys.

Took my stock VE to the dyno today to get a base run before trying out some stuff. It's not really tuned to the max, but AFR's look ok at WOT for a street tune.

Motor is factory stock
4-1 header
3" exhaust
Full AMS
basic WAI setup
Gspec WP pulley

It's making fairly good power by comparison to other sr20's, but I'm not happy with the power that falls off after 6500rpm. Is there anything I can do to extend that powerband aside from adding cams? Maybe retard the stock exhaust cam a few degrees? I'm busy rebuilding my 90x86 motor and in the mean time I'd like to see what can be done on a stock-cammed VE.

The overlayed graph here is a DE with compression, 13mm cams and ITB's. The stock VE graph is the one that's above up to about 5500rpm.
Last edited by Doctor G on 2012-06-04 at 19-15-01.
2012-06-04 19:06:34
Something must be causing a restriction. Stock usually peaks at 6800-7000.
2012-06-04 19:13:45
hmmm. Went from a 3" choke to a 2.25" on the header. AFR's got richer throughout. Unfortunately no dyno with the 3" choke.
2012-06-04 21:13:39
Doctor ,Why dont you make it 2.0" with a 5" tapper and gives us some feedback!!!
2012-06-06 04:15:15
still good numbers though
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