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Thread: wow what you guy's think about this!!!

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2012-06-03 21:48:51
wow what you guy's think about this!!!
I know most everyone on here hates the shop. But it is a preaty good header.. i was looking on ebay & found this, I was like huh he's actually still trying to sell his stuff.. I wonder if he would rip people off if someone bought this. 90% sure he would...

Nissan sr20ve 4-1 race header | eBay
2012-06-03 22:51:18
I like how he says "we call this transient response" Which is a term hytech exhausts uses, admitedly not trademarked by still definietly a hytech term. Also I like how he misuses the word transient in the next sentence "Which is how fast a particular engine will transient from its lowest rpm to its highest"
2012-06-04 05:48:03
lock it up !
2012-06-04 05:54:30
JMR, hehe
2012-06-04 10:54:05
Why the hate? Who's the guy and what did he do?
2012-06-04 13:43:35
im interested in fab with the same spec though LOL
2012-06-04 13:51:55
Originally Posted by pr20de
Why the hate? Who's the guy and what did he do?

Wtf??? You never heard about Jun and his shop JMR??
2012-06-04 14:30:50
- I just wish he made the mid pipe with a #flex on it. I'm not a fan of the solid piece.
2012-06-04 16:06:23
I know who he is, his red b13 is one of my favorites. I didn't know he had any issues with the community though. You can't always follow everything that happens within the community. Anybody care to put me up to date.
2012-06-04 16:09:28
nope its water under the bridge
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