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Thread: Hesitation After Hard Driving in Operating temp

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2012-05-31 14:16:04
Hesitation After Hard Driving in Operating temp
I have read other similar Hesitation threads on here, although some are similar to mine, their setup is different:

Here are the Specs.

Philippine Domestic market Chassis

1998 B13 Sentra LecPS (Came stock with a GA13DS carb)

Swapped In:

SR20VE P11

SR18 Tranny and axles

SR20VE Ecu A/T with VE Distributor and TPS, MAF

Using an SR20VE Ecu and Wiring Harness

B13 EFI Fuel Tank Complete with Floater and Pump (Same Pump as the PHDM SR20DE Altima)

Standard LEC similar to (GA16DE) radiator


Great on Startup/Cold and normal driving/normal Temp, soon as i get into spirited driving (VVL Activation and push til Redline maybe around 5 to 6 times) I get hesitation on part throttle and even up to fully stepping throttle, engine can barely run? No Overheating, fans activate automatic and temp is at normal

Plugged in Conzult/Datascan and all Sensors look pretty good, once in a while knock sensor code pops up

after reading most hesitation Issues here on the VVL section, i think this may be whats happening

once in a while i get knock sensor error code, intermittent, what i do is reset or pull connection pigtail at the knock sensor and reconnect. this will usually get rid of the error code

scenario: anytime i get hesitation, the knock sensor error code probably pops up and gets the ecu into fail safe mode and dumps a lot of fuel in which explains the hesitation after hard driving, after activating VVL numerous times

Currently live in a country where its kinda hard to purchase or even look for a surplus Japan Knock Sensor, is the DE knock sensor compatible?

we got a lot of VE's in the surplus importer yards, but the vendors are unwilling to sell just a knock sensor.

any other engine's with the knock sensor same as the VE?

let me know your insights on this, as i may need to look at other possible culprits.


2012-06-01 06:46:07
hmmm havent experienced this, i will soon find out at the track day

interested in what engine have same knock sensor
2012-06-01 10:46:05
Dude, by pass the knock sensor if you want the easiest fix, put a 500ohm resistor in between the knock sensor wire and ground .. but make sure you tune your car properly.. else knocking/pinging can kill you engine when something goes wrong..

Or if the engine is running perfectly with by-pass method...then it's time for you to change the whole wire...then you can still re-use the knock sensor.
2012-06-01 15:47:01
just talked to a buddy of mine, he says he got a spare knock sensor, i might to try that and see if it works.

i will also try replacing the wires leading from harness to knock sensor

thx for the tip Ken
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