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Thread: What ECU are you using?

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2012-04-21 22:03:01
I have gone a bit crazy with my choice.
But well worth it with loads of features.
Also transferable to any car.

The HKS F-CON V Pro is a full featured standalone engine management system that connects easily to the factory Engine Control Unit as a "piggy-back" fuel and timing controller. As modifications to a vehicle are made, the need for fuel and timing adjustments becomes critical for performance and safety. With up to 4 selectable trim maps for different fuel octane ratings, the F-CON V Pro with its 32x32 resolution for both fuel and timing maps is the optimal solution. F-Con V Pro can accommodate inputs from both map sensors and air flow meters.

Fuel Injector control for up to 8 injectors. This can be set freely to control engines up to 8 cylinders or 4 cylinder engines with twin injector setup.

6 independent ignition settings allows for added flexibility and control. Ignition cut rev limiter has controls to use as launch control in drag or circuit use. This allows full boost to be achieved even when the vehicle is stationary.

By attaching an air/fuel gauge, closed loop fuel control is possible and with built in data logging included as standard, F-Con V Pro has been designed to be as user friendly as possible.

This product is only available to purchase or setup through authorised HKS F-Con Powerwriter dealers

Fuel Control
Standard Fuel Map
Main + Sub (Twin Injector)
Main + Sub + Independent (3 mode injection)

Fuel Correction
Main Trim
Sub Trim
Throttle Compensation
Vehicle Speed Compensation
Startup Compensation
Acceleration Compensation 1
Acceleration Compensation 2
Water Temperature Compensation
Intake Air Temperature Compensation
Exhaust Gas Temperature Compensation
Fuel Pressure Compensation
Individual Cylinder Compensation
Deceleration Compensation
Scramble Compensation
A/F Feedback Compensation 1
A/F Feedback Compensation 2

Ignition Control

Ignition Correction
Sub Trim

Throttle Compensation

Acceleration Compensation

Water Temperature Compensation

Intake Air Temperature Compensation

Exhaust Gas Temperature Compensation

Individual Cylinder Compensation

Fuel Pressure Compensation

Automatic Transmission Shift Compensation

Scramble Compensation

Supporting Control
Fuel Cut Control

Ignition Cut Control

Idle Speed Control Valve Control

Optional Control
Electric Fan Control

Fuel Pump Control
NVCS Control

Shift Lamp Control
Warning Light Control

With the above features, the ideal setup can be found whether your vehicle is being used on the street, the drag strip or the circuit. With features such as the A/F feedback, ignition cut and twin injector control, F-con V Pro allows professional engine management engineers much flexibility and freedom to tune to a high level. F-Con V Pro can accommodate from basic to full tuned vehicles meaning that the same F-Con V Pro unit can be used throughout the life of the vehicle.

Input Compatibility
New Vehicle Compatibility including Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and Suzuki Swift Sport

Voltage/Airflow monitoring feature
Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature Input

Fuel/Ignition Control
Deceleration Fuel Cut, Vehicle speed condition added

Switch Speed Limiter
2012-04-22 02:46:42
Megasquirt 3 with MS3X soon installed
2012-04-22 09:35:08
Here's the picture of the MS3, i put it in dashboard ... so nothing can harm it !! LOL ..haha
I guess this is the best place to avoid any A/C water (leaking from cooling coil) or physical contact on it.

Further picture and detail look here

Last edited by KennyX on 2012-04-22 at 09-48-01.
2012-04-22 12:56:30
^^^^^thats a nice looking box you have there,

factory ecu ftw
2012-04-22 17:54:42
Originally Posted by blo0d
boost by gear capabilities?
triggers vvl?
wideband afr input?

1) no, not that I'm aware of. Built in 3 bar map sensor so tuning is dependant on boost level when running MAP setting.
2) yes (rpm based or rpm & throttle based. eg. 5000rpm AND 65% + throttle position.)
3) As in closed loop? not that I'm aware of. I just tune live using the AFRs.
2012-04-23 21:13:46
2012-04-23 22:35:47
Simple question that i have and would like members who are using step down to say what's the reason ...... ?

why have you gone back to obd1 ?
2012-04-24 00:07:27
haltech platinum 1000

2012-04-24 00:48:10
Nistune on my B13 and S14 and soon to be AEM S2 on the S14.
2012-04-24 12:31:19
same here. here in the phils, most of the guys are using VE ecu's. Im sure that ECU is OBD I.
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