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Thread: What ECU are you using?

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2012-04-20 14:32:26
I need clarification on something. The majority of local guys here are using OBD2 harnesses (even the sr20VE harness) with a OBD1 ECU. Why exactly do we need a step down harness again?
2012-04-20 15:06:59
Originally Posted by Doctor

Full standalone EMS for $240 + shipping. What more could you need?

interesting for 240$.........does this need a lot of work

Originally Posted by Vadim
VE ECU is OBD2 right? You will need to run a step down harness to OBD1 to run a Nemu ECU. You would have to run a DE ecu if you want a tunable option, there is not much support for chipping VE ECU's.

Now Nistune and Calum ecu's do come in OBD2 flavor, you have a bit of things you can tune with them. But it's no where near as amount of things that you can tune with Nemu.

The amount of power you gain will vary, but if you install major mods like N1 cams or even 16VE cams, it's a very good idea to tune the car for them.

seems you can do alot with the NEMU but needs a lot more work..i hope nismotronic will support VE ecus in the future

I guess i still have to wait if the Crome for Nissan will work, i would like to tune my ECU first and dyno the car for baseling then put n1s and re tune...

or dyno untuned then tuned ECU plus n1s
2012-04-20 22:54:35
Just got my NEMU ECU today
2012-04-20 23:22:13
Aem ems
2012-04-21 06:02:35
Calum RT V1
2012-04-21 13:35:28
Good thread on what ecu forum members are using ? was recently trying to understand why a lot of obd2 owners where using step down harness to obd1 and found a little bit of answer after searching
only thing is that i found the answer on D-series.org i don't know if what they say is correct.
reason 1 :all the good tuning softwares are obd1
reason 2 :The ecu's are also way easier to modify

Please do let me know if this is the same in the sr20 world .
2012-04-21 14:04:18
If you are using a VE harness, I do believe you can use the OBD1 DE ECU without any "major" modification.

The only thing you would have to do is re wire your VVL outputs to one of the available outputs that you can use to trigger the cams (EGR, AIV, etc).

You can also disable any sensors that might not be compatible between the two to simplify things a bit.
2012-04-21 15:21:19
Im not running any ecu on my de-t swap cause i still have found one someone sell me a ecu for my b13
2012-04-21 19:15:51
Im running on the Megasquirt 3 with expension board MS3X, so far so good...the tuning option is awesome, running on CAS disc of 24 - 1 Slot , fully sequential injection , and retains the Dizzy as CAS output and ignition distribution.

The ms3x already can control VVL solenoid both Ext & Int independently
Forgot to mention, my engine was Stroked Sr16ve to 2000CC.

2012-04-21 19:22:31
The advantage of using the MS3 is that you get a few general PWM output which u can use it to control relay or solenoid, and run it base on TPS, CLT temp or RPM .. so you can easily hook up a set of nitrous system or Methane/water injection system beside only control VVL..

Anyway..its not a Straight-Buy-And-Use ECU, i've spend 2 months on it since not many ppl use megasquirt to powering their VE...i have to start it from scratch including board soldering and DIY the wiring harness..

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