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Thread: Anyone want to guess power? 2.2L VE

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2008-04-16 01:22:20
Anyone want to guess power? 2.2L VE
Well we are about to get the ball rolling on the 2.2L de/ve hybrid project engine for my friends 200sx. Here is what i was thinking for a setup, give me any feedback you think would help this make the most power possible. Setup as follows:

DE block with 8CW crank and DE rods
Block sleeved and bored to 90mm
11:1 pistons, havent decided on a brand yet. any suggestions, i was thinking Cp pistons for this but havent really looked at specs yet.
SR20 or 16VE head
90mm stock thickness headgasket, i forget the name of the new designed one that just came out that is supposed to be very good. Someone chime in.
BC springs and retainer set
N1 cams
Adjustable cam gears, any suggestions on if there is going to be any problems with valve clearance when setting to +5-5 on the gears. Any takers on what compression should come out to. I believe this is going to be a very similar setup to one of andreas miko's VE motor builds.

Calum basic b14 ve ecu with safc neo to trigger cams and make any slight corrections needed. probably gonna use gtir injectors for this one being the 333's probably wont handle the power output this is gonna make.

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated. The block is gonna be bored here soon and slowly putting all the parts together.

Im thinking it should make in the 240-250whp range pretty easily with some good dyno tuning.
2008-04-16 03:39:50
i doubt you will get that HP goal on a stock head or N1 cams

CP pistons are great just make sure you have them cut deeper valve reliefs

Because im a nice guy

2008-04-16 03:47:51
is that necessary period or for use with the camgears when adding overlap
2008-04-16 03:53:08
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
is that necessary period or for use with the camgears when adding overlap

any cams you run will be super agressive on the vvl lobe, it's crazy not to get the pistons exactly as you want

mine are 90mm and the valve reliefs are 2x as deep as the 16ve (pictured above)

if i remember i will send you all my info but i can make it super simple
Call up
Modern Performance Inc
Tell them you want 90mm pistons like Chris for your Nissan VVL

Mine are 12:1 but CP can get you what ever compression you want
2008-04-16 03:58:57
is that what yours compression came out to once the head any everything is on. i know the ve head on a de block raises the compression by about 1 point. is there going to be a difference using the de block. just let me know, and have you got your motor completely together yet, if so how does it feel. I was trying to get the compression after everything is said and done and together to be around 12:1, thats why i was saying an 11:1 piston in the de block with the ve head should come to around 12:1, is this true or is there a different way to go.
2008-04-16 07:29:18
Why would you use the top feed gtir injectors instead of 370's?
2008-04-16 07:52:07
oops that was an error, for some reason i thought the ve had topfeed injectors, my bad. 370's will be used instead. haha.
2008-04-16 15:24:53
Why would a DE block and VE head change your compression?

are you sure it's not just the pistons that change the compression?
The de deck height is the same as VE
The ve CC is smaller than that of the DE

Just tell Nick at Modern performance inc your motor specs to send to CP along with your final compression ratio and they will make exactly what you want.

Yes my motor is together it's not 100% perfect since i blew a cometic headgasket since it was the only one around at the time

I now have a new head gasket and am trying to break it in so that I can get the AEM tuned
2008-04-16 17:42:12
The head gasket that came out recently that people think is good is the Cosworth unit I believe.
2008-04-16 18:31:25
I found the gasket, its the one from mazwork, their full grommet gasket. $250 list price, looks like a very well designed gasket, but then again its holding on their 1400 hp drag car. So thats what we will go with.
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