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Thread: sr20ve 86x86 whats the most whp?

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2012-03-30 16:20:01
Why do people set their cams +5,-5?

I've yet to see one car make power with those cam settings on oem cams. I've almost always seen best results with them straight up or 2+/-.
2012-03-30 16:24:05
Again they were set that way from the very beginning when that was all the common information out there was oh, this is the best setting. 0,0 did way better all around.

Still would have been nice to see results with a better header on there instead of the dented up SSAC.
2012-03-30 16:31:02
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Again they were set that way from the very beginning when that was all the common information out there was oh, this is the best setting. 0,0 did way better all around.

Still would have been nice to see results with a better header on there instead of the dented up SSAC.

I see what you mean. X2 on a better header, I currently have a SSAC with a stepped custom 2.5-3 Downpipe, car put down 187whp with just the header, air filter, tune, electronic exhaust cutout. All with the heavy stock DE bottom end.

I'm very curious to see what a high comp 2. would put down, so I'm looking to putting one together on a shoestring budget. lol
2012-03-30 17:10:42
Originally Posted by JimmyNX
stratton, by 2.1 you are mentioning the 87x86mm build correct? and just for the threads clarification, a 2.1 build will not need new sleeves.

yes i should stop calling it a 2.1 though, just get the point across that its a slight over bore. so yes 87x86. yes 87mm or 88mm bore can be done on stock sleeves.

Originally Posted by Nissan
this why u gotta love ve's everyone is talking about 230's and up

so sr20ve
12.5:1 cp pistons
manhley h beams rods
8cw crank from sr20de

as for the head

port and polish
i guess use them supertech valves ( my opinion way to big) with 5 angle valve job
supertech valve springs/retainer
bronze guides
new supertech seals
resurface the head maybe mill .020 so i get close to 13.0 cr

custom made header - idk who can make it for me

and spray it on a good tune

just a thought for now but most definitly want to do this

just wondering how much would the head cost me to do cus 2mm and 1mm i believe thats major head work

theres some things here that can be done differently and cheaper. the bigger valves arent needed in a 2 liter and arent entirely important in a 2.3 or 2.4. those are all things that can be done after the motor is up and running, it takes alot of dialing it so if you can work from a solid base it seems its easier.

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
88mm bore would be 2.1, 87 is like 2.045 or close to that.

yeah 87 i think its about that , i thought it was a bit more though. the 88mm is a good idea but the price diff bewteen the two pistons 87 and 88 is a few hundred bucks, i got my pistons for 509 iirc 88mm pistons are like 750. if and when i do a custom piston agian itll be in a sleeved block.

i learned alot from my 92x92 build/failure. 1# its not as easy as alot of guys think, alot of things were overlooked by myself but mainly my builder as he was the one who was suppose to be the authority on engien building. this time around with some stout advice from jamie i kept it simple, proven and some what easy. im going to do what i should have done form the begining, worked my way up. so 87mm now, bigger mm down the road. first things first ya know.

the machine work on my motor is all done, all it needs now is to be assembled.

decked block
87mm 12:5:1 piston cp
stock ve rods
mazworx head studs
86mm micropolished crank
stock mains
fully ported and polished ve head and decked
stock valves handlapped
alot of bowl work
portmatched to oem gaskets (ex and in)
supertech s&r
kelford 184c v3 cams
tomei adj cam gears
mazworx 90mm head gasket
custom intake mani with velocity stacks
q45 tb
4:1 stepped header spec'd for a high comp 2liter
8 pound flywheel and 16ve tranny

all tuned on my aem.

i put this together with my remaining parts that were in still good working order from my 2.4. basically i just built a new bottom end and will slap on the old head set up, diff header and thats it.

ill see what this one does. ill see how it does at the track and go from there. appropriate mods will be thought about after i get the max from the set up i have.

im not hoping for such and such whp, or expecting this time or that time, i want a super reliable, super potent ve with great throttle response and tons of top end power. it is what it is, the the selection of parts is what really makes the numbers. i am excited though to see what a fully built 87x86 ve can do. a couple weeks at most and the car will be up and running, im sure ill post some dyno sheets and vids etc. then its straight to englishtown !
Last edited by STRATTON on 2012-03-30 at 17-16-02.
2012-03-30 17:15:24
Should be very stout Strat. I'll be looking forward to seee it out and about.
2012-03-30 22:45:03
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
And why the hell hasnt nobody completed an 88mm build yet. I know they dont have 12.5:1 88mm pistons off the shelf so the pistons would be a little more costly but still. I dont see why 88mm wouldnt be possible on a stock sleeve block. There is plenty of room to take a mm around the sleeve and still have plenty left.

I think an 88mm build would be a nice simple 2.1 setup that should be able to make 230-240 fairly easy.

wouldnt the walls be too thin?
2012-03-30 22:54:42
Originally Posted by Nissan
wouldnt the walls be too thin?

No. 88mm stock sleeve motors have been done before.

Try it and come to your own conclusion.

2012-03-31 00:30:54
How about 87 piston and a 92mm crank
2012-03-31 00:41:01
Originally Posted by mercado
How about 87 piston and a 92mm crank

2012-03-31 01:49:04
Ok but why not
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