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Thread: MSD 6al and base ignition timing

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2012-03-14 02:57:21
MSD 6al and base ignition timing
Hey guys, so i installed my msd 6al box with 2step module. I am currently getting a ignition circuit primary code coming up as a hard fault. I have my base ignition timing set to around 15-17* BTDC with a JWT ecu. I talked to them over the phone about what tune i have exactly in the ecu and it is exactly setup for all my mods except for High compression so the timing curve is a little retarded for pump gas. I noticed when i use consult 2 and set it into timing mode, the computer will constantly show 15* btdc unless i make dramatic moves with the distributor. I was just wondering if the msd box is some how interfering with this, since the dizzy is almost full advanced. I had double and triple checked my cam timing, i even made sure to set my cam gears to 0/0(I am running n1 cams). My tach works, i am getting a CKP signal so i am reading rpms via consult 2. Is it possible that i have to degree the camshafts?
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2013-11-25 12:02:55
this is exactly my problem, the car was stuck at 15 degree timing all the way to redline, it took a long time to get to redline...

I wired it perfect too.
2013-11-25 19:55:13
What does the timing light on the crank pulley say?
2013-11-26 14:15:50
Thats the problem, I never checked it, I sold the unit cause the car didn't feel right.
2014-02-04 16:21:42
Make sure the blue wire is not grounded you can be stuck in two step mode
2014-02-05 00:51:01
Originally Posted by Andrew(nj)
Make sure the blue wire is not grounded you can be stuck in two step mode

That and in my particular case I had to advance the timming a bit more. When I installed the 6AL2 the car was already at 15*, after the install it was near 12-13* I moved the dizzy to get it to 15* ran for a week and went ahead and checked it again and it was at 13*. I adjusted it one more time and It's been at 15* after that last adjustment
2014-03-22 23:35:46
Still trying to understand why this happens Does this happen with the DE's too?
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