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Thread: I cant rev!

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2012-03-14 11:18:39
if you did not swap over the usdm head temp sensor it would also cause limp mode as stated above. I would also check the maf ground to make sure its good. The maf ground can also cause this issue but usually just makes the car run bad. Its possible you have a issue with the daughter board board as well.
2012-03-14 12:19:12
tps sensor is on there (my dad and I are doing the swap and he is using one) and he put it on there and didnt tell me.
Swapped over all the sensors that would swap like the USDM water temp sensor.
The daughter board was checked by john before sending it back to me so its work, i also know its working as I can changed between .tcd files from going to a DE maf to a N62 and N60 maf.

I'll be on the the phone later today with him discussing a few other things as well.

The hard parts over now comes the more difficult part.

Grounding the MAF directly to the battery and pnoodleuces no change.
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2012-03-14 12:29:36
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
nope still wrong

ever read about the rain dance we use to have to do to get our cars in to timing mode before we started using the consult?

that alone would prove this theory wrong. more people will chime in.

I'm unfamiliar with the raind dance. I normally hook up consult II and choosing Timing Adjust and it changes it to the mode for me.
2012-03-14 14:15:15
Double check the maf wiring. Sounds like the maf is disconnected( I know it's not). Might be wired wrong.
2012-03-14 14:19:21
Check the MAF to make sure its working properly.
2012-03-14 14:51:47
Ok, anything is possible. I have 3- 2 N60s and 1 N62. Also have a highport DE (93.5) maf so I can try multiple ones
2012-03-14 21:45:47
I had 2 N60's and both were bad.
2012-03-14 21:58:05
figured out the issue.

i didnt disconnect the three consult wires on the harness side that the nemu connects to. after doing this i was able to view data in NismoTronic and the car revs above 2K all the way to 8k with no issue.. it was something simple.
2012-03-14 22:10:46
cool glad u got it figured out, thanks for letting us know
2012-03-15 00:24:09
yup, its amazing how three little wire can cause so much problems..
now on to hooking up all the intake pieces and the wideband and getting it tied in to Nemu and then to drive it.
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