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Thread: measured the 184c smalls lift

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2012-03-11 23:45:49
measured the 184c smalls lift
had the valve cover off today fixing a gacket leak, so while i was in there, i decided to grab a micrometer and attempt to measure the 184c v3 small lobes. i know this isn't the most accurate method but no one else has posted any info on the subject. here's what i came up with.

base 32.4mm/1.27"
lobe 38.3mm/1.51"
difference X rocker ratio of 1.6 = 9.44mm/.384"

base 32.0mm/1.26"
lobe 37.4mm/1.47"
difference X rocker ratio of 1.6 = 8.64mm/.336"
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2015-08-05 10:29:40


but the plot twist?

2015-08-05 11:08:33
i dont have the cams to double check yet, but...

the intake low lobe's actual height should be 10.2mm divided by 1.6 = 6.375. then adding back the lash= 6.575mm. n1 intake low lobe is 5.287mm.

the exhaust low lobe's actual height should be 8.3mm divided by 1.6 = 5.187. then adding back the lash = 5.587mm. n1 exhaust low lobe is 5.200mm

using those corrected rocker ratio's and the same lash figure, the 184c low lobes total lift would be 10.327mm intake and exhaust 8.034mm

anyone differ/agree?
2015-08-05 14:05:52
Interesting info about the rocker ratios being different on the intake and exhaust.
2015-08-07 10:22:05
and after much time looking at nissan n1 cams lift figures, i found out today how they calculate their lift. imo their figure is WRONG.

intake low cam.
5.287 lift x 1.62 rocker ratio= 8.4mm
intake hi cam
7.312 lift X 1.65 rocker ratio= 12.06mm
exhaust low cam
5.2 x 1.549 rocker ratio= 8.05mm
exhaust hi cam
1.595 x 1.595 rocker ratio= 11.80mm

it seems that nissan think that lash somehow doesn't effect their cams. here is some rough measures...

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