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Thread: Next performance mod?

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2012-03-12 15:53:08
Probably about time to replace the sensor if its that old.
2012-03-12 15:55:46
Thats if you notice it acting funny such as reading slow or responding slow then yes. If its got quick changes such as when you change from no throttle to heavy throttle, if it responds right away from lean to where its supposed to be then its probably fine.

Either way most of the sensors have a time and mileage rating on them dependant on the fuel you run.
2012-03-12 16:40:13
the sensor respond fine, the car richens up as soon as i give it any sort of gas, and then it leans out to 14-16afr just cruising. I think the throttle tip in enrichment is a little off since it will dip down to 11 or 12afr then go back up to 14 and constantly fluctuates back and forth between 14-16 at part throttle.

I think i may hook up the SAFC for now just to get my AFRs in check and once i get enough money ill get the RT ecu for it.
2012-03-12 20:09:02
Originally Posted by P10FTW
BTW what fuel pump?

Stock ones lean out on VE's.

They do? Please explain.
2012-03-14 05:54:13
Finnaly got the damn consult 2 at my dealer to work with obd1 cars! So now i have a really great diagnostic tool at my disposal!!

So i did come across a few things today messing around with C2. First thing, after driving the car for a little i was monitoring the upstream o2 sensor and at idle it was reading .05V...wtf?! I unplugged the sensor and the voltage went to and stayed at .38v. Need to investigate this some more tomorrow. Second thing is, i went into work support, then fuel injector. I enriched the fueling about 15 or so percent, went out did a WOT pull and my afrs dropped down to 12:1 and the car pulled very hard. So now im thinking i just need tune the afr's a bit at wot and the car will be safe to drive hard!
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