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Thread: Next performance mod?

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2012-03-07 05:06:50
Next performance mod?
So right now i currently have the following done to my VE.
  • N1 cams, springs and retainers
  • Short ram intake
  • n60 MAF
  • JWT tune
  • 370cc injectors
  • aeromotive AFPR
  • ASP race header
  • Apexi N1 catback
  • MSD 6AL
  • Gspec Adjustable Cam gears
  • Gspec water pump pulley
  • Power steering delete and alternator relocated to rear

  • Cryo treated transmission gears
  • 4.44 Final drive
  • B&M short shifter
  • Spec Stage 3 6puck sprung clutch
  • Fidanza 9lb Flywheel
I am trying to figure out what my next move would be as far as making more power. I am going to polish the throttle body for a little better throttle response and degree the . i have been looking into new intake manifolds for the VE but i have only come acrros the Xcessive IM and a couple off ebay. Let me know what you guys recomnd for my next mod!!
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2012-03-07 05:24:05
intake manifold and some 16ve pistons.

also the JWT tune probably isn't doing you any favors.
2012-03-07 05:49:39
Id say a realtime ecu and a new tune. Probably will give you the most all around benifit than any other just bolt on part will do. Better mileage, more power and overall better feel over the entire powerband.
2012-03-07 05:55:57
Wouldn't it net him better gains to do the realtime upgrade with tune after upgrading the intake manifold?

Seems like you'd just have to tweak the maps all over again to compensate for the increased airflow.
2012-03-07 06:03:00
Yeah but again, not hard to do. A tune will give him much better results than just adding an intake manifold to the jwt tune.

Plus there really isnt a good bolt on manifold upgrade out there and I dont count Excessive as a good bolt on manifold. lol. Most people that have used it see very little gain from it up top and little to non down low. So unless he knows someone to make a custom one or can do it himself an intake manifold isnt going to do anything for him especially on a jwt ecu. Tunable ecu first, intake manifold second.
2012-03-07 08:30:22
Oh im sorry i forgot to mention i also have a AEM uego and SAFC2(not hooked up currently) and i do monitor my AFRs more than i should. The tune is actually pretty damn good, i know once i fine tune with the safc my air/fuel will be dead on. The car runs extremely well right now, with the exception of messing around with my idle a bit.
2012-03-07 08:32:16
Its not the a/f of the jwt that will be robbing power. Its the timing map. There is a lot to gain with some more timing and fuel adjustment to go along with it. JWT's timing numbers are usually really conservative. Trust me. The SAFC wont do you any good in that aspect.
2012-03-07 08:55:56
How much do real time ecu's go for?
2012-03-07 09:09:16
look at jktunings vendor section and tuning section and youll find your answer
2012-03-07 09:09:42
put it this way, sell your jwt and safc and youll be almost there
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