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Thread: Stuck Speed Sensor...HELP!

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2012-02-28 03:47:17
Stuck Speed Sensor...HELP!
I have a B14 SR20VE I wasn't getting a read on the speedo...since I bought the car two months ago. Never had a chance to check it out. I thought it was the speed sensor and the other day I took a look and I either have a B13 speed sensor stuck in there or an NX sensor for a Digi-Cluster swap. How the hell do I pull this out? It's stuck....Do I need to rock the car or just spray penetration and pull.....
2012-03-01 19:44:31
pull with all your might wrap a rag around it so the sharp edges don't cut you jiggle and pull it i have had one come apart into two pieces just be careful.
2012-03-01 19:53:13
pb blaster and you may need to tap around the edges of the sensor to loosen it up. Once you get the sensor to turn some it will come out.
2012-03-02 00:26:58
PB on it and a little tapping and a almost dislocated shoulder (just kidding) I Got it lol thanks guys
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