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Thread: 2.0 VE Swap ECU

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2012-02-28 03:41:16
2.0 VE Swap ECU
I have a B14 with a Neo VVL 2.0 SRVE in it. However, I'm runnning on the SR20DE ECU right now with a GReddy for the VVL solenoids. I am getting P-CODES.... P0110/P0335/P0135/P1400 which of these will be fixed on a Swap to B13 2.0 SRVE ECU or Daughterboard?
2012-03-02 20:19:16
im pretty sure you can not run a regular sr20de ecu with the ve, you have to get a nistune board, or jwt program etc.
2012-03-02 20:27:53
Yeah u can run the ve off a usdm de ecu and maf. Buy a vafc for the vvl to pop. It wont be at is prime in relation to power but you shouldnt have any issues with using it as a daily.
2012-03-02 20:45:31
I ran a stock ecu for 5 months before i got my nistune. no issues.
2012-03-02 21:04:18
Originally Posted by az2hundosx
im pretty sure you can not run a regular sr20de ecu with the ve, you have to get a nistune board, or jwt program etc.

Incorrect, as long as you get a de maf (this is still not ideal as it bottlenecks the engine, ve's like to breathe!!!).

I'd get a n60 or e60 asap and see if you can't get a calum basic b13 or b14 ecu whichever applies. If not, contact oldman and see if he's still willing to do a ve tune for you to tide you over. Also if you use a standard sr20de ecu, I'm pretty sure you have to adjust timing a couple degrees as well but THAT I'm not sure about.
2012-03-02 21:14:01
If you get a calum basic OBDI (b13) you'll need a step down harness.
Im in your same position right now but i heard not to run vvl without a proper ecu...
The car runs lean after 5k rpm's, does anyone know more about this?
2012-03-02 21:29:26
The DE ecu in stock form is definitely not setup to run the VVL engine very well, there will be a big difference between running the DE ecu and an ECU that is properly setup for your engine setup.

I offer an OBD1 DE ECU that is plug n play for the VE engine. Meaning you won't need any additional hardware to activate the solenoids. It is activated by the ECU, using one of the free outputs on the ECU. Also, the ECU can be setup for whatever injector/maf combo you are running.

To use this on a B14 or OBD2 car you would also have to purchase a stepdown harness.

Other options would be to source a B14 Calum Basic or RT board and have it programmed for the VE.
2012-03-02 21:40:35
Get a TUNED COMPUTER!!! TRUST ME, i just installed my JWT VE ECU.. All i can say is WOW!! You think your b14 is pretty quick now?? Wait till you tune that thing. MONSTER!!
2012-03-02 21:55:36
I Know I'm losing power on my VVL... I'm Strumming for a Daughterboard..It CAn Run With NO Issues if you have a RPM Switch for the solenoids...But Yeah I just bought it so We have Some Work On The Royal Purple! But Great info Thanks Guys.
2012-03-02 22:04:10
Why doesnt anyone make some for OBDII? This swap is so common now and even in b14's.
How much is the ECU from you? And do you sell step down harness's?
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