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Thread: sr20ve issue idle?

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2012-03-06 00:35:31
What's weird is that it only does it when warm... Which seems to be the opposite of everyone else's idle problems... Cold idle seems normal though, its about 1,500-1,600RPM and then settles down to 1k when the temp gauge starts to register. Then you'll notice it bog from 1k to 500 then back and forth :/ It kind of sounds like a miss when it does this, I'm hoping by making the dizzt a peg leg I'll fix this issue and maybe even get more power
2012-03-06 00:36:16
what TB are you using?
2012-03-06 00:36:34
De tb
2012-03-06 00:41:58
adjust the little nut thing.

i don't remember if the lowport tb an high port tb are very similar, but on the highport tb there's an 8mm nut and a little screw type thing u use a tiny Flathead on. basically what i did was loosened the nut then turned the screw type thing so it would open the tb just a tad. this did wonders for my idle problem.

i had the same issues your describing.
2012-03-06 00:43:29
Let me go take pictures!
2012-03-06 00:44:13
do so!
2012-03-06 01:48:58
I think this is what you're talking about? It looks like a little bolt that you can adjust that pushes on a tab that sits on the TB so if you screw it in more it sticks up higher and keeps the TB open more?

2012-03-06 02:04:31

a slight adjustment to that little guy an my car stopped dying on me an doin that bouncy idle shit..

you might have to play with the iacv a tad more to get it just right though.
2012-03-06 02:07:18
What is there to play with on the IACV?
2012-03-06 02:11:51
ok i know theres alot of confusion concerning iacv's, in my opinion the whole unit is the iacv, meaning the brown plug thing, the grey/purple plug thing an the base they mount on. now i know im not %100 correct when i say that but usually thats what people are reffering to.

theres a knob on the base that the iacv (hex thing) screws into and that the brown plug guy screws onto.

now if you haven't touched that yet, then that might be a good thing. put the car in timing mode, set the idle using that screw (800-1000rpm is fine) then set your timing.

your problems might just go away, if not do the little adjusting on the TB like i said before.
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