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Thread: I can haz VE? Yes I can!

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2012-02-02 23:30:50
I can haz VE? Yes I can!
So here is a repost from G20.net where I started at... short story, went and looked at it it today, everything seems ok and under the vc through the oil fill looks fine......


Goin to look at a VE to check it out and make sure it is clean.
Anything I should look for?
6 month warranty so if anything goes wrong I should be covered.
I wont have a ecu for it until I am able to get one at a decent price.

I asked about the comp test and they were dont before they left Japan. I have the tools to do the comp test so i could do that before the 6 months and be safe in that area?


Also was told to look for the vvl solenoid. any pics on what this looks like as I have never had to actually look for one. Anything else I should be concerned with?

Solenoid check. fuel rail looked good.. if i correctly found the fpr then it looked fine as well.
couldnt open the vc so i popped the oil cap off.. it was pretty under there from what I could see.

pictures below....
i know they are blurry, couldnt keep steady lol

btw it costed $901 and will be delivered tomorrow at work i is happy.. comp test was done in japan but i can do that within 60 days after i get my motor and tranny out... and i might do a complete or partial wire tuck while it is in surgery.

3/2/12Some new pictures... Motor was dropped out this afternoon

Having a lift is king.



Just about finished... broke the TPS when putting in the motor... not sure how but it did :/ now to find a replacement.

Now, if you have any thoughts on how to make this go painless please kindly suggest... i will get the vc fixed as it is just depressing to see... i think it is just a sticker that was partially peeled up

Running Track of costs:
VE Motor - $901
NismoTronic/NEMU - $550 (with shipping about $10 more)
Used WeaponR Intake - $50
Water Pump - $57
Rear Main Seal - $19
Front Main Seal - $7
Blow-By Hose - $11
LSD Trans Axle Seal - $12 (for both sides)
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2012-02-03 02:59:15
if the VE was the price in France I'd be the happiest
I invite you to look at the guide VVL
2012-02-03 03:36:08
Read it, reading it and skimming it. informative stuff in there. lets hope i dont go and screw it up..
2012-02-06 17:12:26
My VE didnt come with intake tubing so I'm gonna either make one or have one made... just need to know how many vacuum lines come off of it. can i get pictures with locations and such in car... thanks guys
2012-02-06 21:34:57
more pics. swap happening in a few days... drove it for the last time with the de.... its going be a whole new road now.....
More pics. Delivered today. opened the vc to get a peek inside. looks amazing!

how many lines come off a ve intake? i only see one directly on it.. i need to make one to fit my filter.. as i didnt get one when I bought mine. n60 maf really needed or can i roll with my stock de till i get the nemu board and then i get it programmed for the n60? isnt that the 99-04 max maf as well?
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2012-02-06 21:37:42
when are you putting it in? you live in lilburn?
2012-02-06 21:39:20
I live in Conyers, work at stone mountain nissan in lilburn.. not today but i will start the process tho
2012-02-06 21:39:21
Where did you pick this up from? Make sure you loctite the throttle body screws or switch to a lowport throttle body. If it was me I'd also open up the bottom end and take a look at the bearings. You work with techs so I'm sure that they can fill you in on how to check bearings and replace them if you have to. It's just something to get out of the way so you don't have to worry about it later on. Also I'd replace the water pump. Yeah it might still be good, but installing a new one will just mean you don't have to worry about it for a long time.

I installed a JDM DE into my track NX. I thought the water pump was low mileage enough where I could just leave it in there. Well the pump has a small leak. I have to replace a water pump now. I should have done it while the motor was out of the car. I would have saved myself a headache.
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2012-02-06 21:55:15
Yup, got that covered. doing the small stuff tonight.

should i stay with a ve water pump or is there a better option?

i thought i saw a thread for the bearings... i'm not a tech just the parts guy.. dad is the tech.. but yea I thought about replacing those this afternoon as I am sure I'll be hitting those RPMs. whats the part number for the bearrings? i could possibly get them from nissan for the low.
2012-02-10 19:13:37
water pump came in today along with the rear main seal. going to replace those...
need to get the upper and lower radiator hoses and the heater hoses... other than that i think all that needs to be done next is to replace a hose from the VC on the front side of the motor and change out the engine harness...

obd1 from a 93.5 manual motor or an obd2 harness from the 95 auto motor? thoughts?
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