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Thread: '97 200sx SE-R VE Swap

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2012-03-21 22:32:40
Umm manual speedo cables were so '91-'92 Josh... Come on get with the program :P

I sure hope not! That will be 2 sensors that I managed to break while doing a clutch :'(
2012-03-21 22:40:35
haha, stop breaking shit. lol
2012-03-21 23:00:20
Umm I'll have you know that i fixed that gawdawful squeal when I would put the clutch in, the clutch feels like heaven now (NO chatter ) and the transmission leak is fixed! I should get some recognition for that...
2012-03-21 23:03:11


does it drive ok?

do you have a consult cable?
2012-03-21 23:05:15
It shifts nice, the idle will still fluctuate from 1000-500 at idle when warm and I need to strut tower mounts (mine squeak right now) I am getting a CEL, last time I checked it was for crank position sensor (this was before I broke the sensor entirely :/) but other than that it drives well, especially at and after 5k no I don't have a consult cable
2012-11-13 03:28:15
For anyone who cares here is a status update on the two hundee:

Got the stock crank and water pump pulley on the car a while back, got rid of that weird sound, I noticed power steering may be wining a little bit when revving a bit so the belt may be a tad too tight. I noticed that p/s fluid was low and saw some fluid on the rack so I may have a leak :/

I still haven't gotten the dizzy sorted out, gotta find my grinder so I can lop the ear off. My idle is still off a lot of the time, next chance I'll get I'm gonna reground the MAF which may also be causing it.

Checked the CEL the other day, they are currently:


I believe the first 2 are EGR (temp and something else) and the last one is rear bank o2 sensor

I got the p10 front seats in (still trying to figure out the rear's), I don't like at all how high you sit up, wish I would have known I would need NX rails before they crushed the one in the local junk yard, looks like I'll have to be going to phx and troll some junk yards for some parts.

I got the A/C going not too long ago (right before it started getting bitchass cold) because I had to go to Phoenix for the whole day on business.

I also painted the hood, fender and passenger side skirt I got a while back as well as put the new front bumper on

Here is what she looked like when I got it:

And here is what she looks like now, pictures didn't turn out that well, the paint job came out alright, looks a lot better than it did anyway. It should tide me over til I paint the whole thing

Don't mind the grill missing, I have to fab the honeycomb grill since it's totally different than the stock one, but it should look pretty fresh.

I got my strut mounts done and that took care of the squeaking... for a while

There is another squeaking sound going on now, noticed it the other night when I left my girlfriends house, put the car on jackstands and found:

The guy that had the car before me must have wrecked the hell out of the passenger side (I think that is why the low side A/C line was sheared off, side skirt was missing and the stock motor's oil pan was dented as well as a good portion of the from adjacent from the pinch rail)

I don't know what else could be causing this high pitched annoying ass sound

Apparently ES doesn't make a sway bar bushing set for B14's... You guys just using OEM spec ones?

That's where I stand right now with the car, between this and my B13 I have my hands full with my workload of car stuff, whenever something comes up with the B14 it becomes top priority since it's still my only car on the road. I'm hoping replacing the sway bar bushings will solve the squeaking since that is the only problem with it right now with the exception of the idle
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