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Thread: '97 200sx SE-R VE Swap

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2012-01-10 21:59:30
'97 200sx SE-R VE Swap
I am almost done with my VE swap, I will post pictures of all the progress when I'm done however right now I am stuck on 2 minor details before I start it, images listed below

I know the one to the right is the AICV (pretty sure at least) and that the wires need to be extended, I just want to confirm what the other clip is for

Here is a coolant fitting that goes right behind the intake on Cylinder 1 side, this is me looking down behind motor from passenger side of car, can't figure out what to do with this

The basic setup I am running is as follows:

  • Megan Headers
  • 2.5" Header Back Exhaust to 4" Muffler
  • CAI (came on the car when I bought it, might be a hotshot?)
  • XTD Stage 3 6 Puck Clutch
  • MSD 8969 Window Switch
  • JWT SR20VE Tuned ECU (7500 rev limiter)
Appreciate all the help in advance and can't wait to get you guys some more pictures!
2012-01-10 22:28:54
what color are the wires? one on the left could be for egr valve(there are actually 2 one for egr valve and egr temp sensor, however both are not used casue no egr valve on the ve), the one on the right more than likely ur right its similar to the air temp sensor so just make sure u got those right.
2012-01-10 22:48:24
That coolant passage you connect to one of the fittings on the firewall for the heater core.
2012-01-11 00:05:08
I will extend the wires for the connector on the right and try to start it, If I don't get any DTC's we should be good otherwise it should trip for some EGR garbage

There is no other coolant line from the firewall that I see, which side of the car does the coolant line come from for this fitting, can I get a picture?
Last edited by SentraThis96 on 2012-01-11 at 00-08-24.
2012-01-11 00:14:05
should be two heater hoses on the firewall
2012-01-11 15:52:46
there should be a hose from the thermostat housing to the heater core in the firewall and back out to that pipe in the pic.... dont need heater where im from so i just ran a hose from the same thermostat housing to that pipe in ur pic. the heater core looks like two plastic pipe side by side sticking out the fire wall a the car....
2012-01-11 17:21:18
So I plugged that heater line as I bypassed the throttle body coolant adapter and don't think this one needed a line on it from the firewall and connected everything else I could (intake, (except for the vacuum line for cold idle, other vacuum line that needs to be plugged and crankcase breather), Battery, exhaust, put all my fluids in) and started it, fuel lines were backwards the first time as well as timing being way off (my DE dizzy mounts with only one bolt to the VE and it mounts with the dizzy on sideways? if I can get some pics of how the DE dizzy is mounted on someone else's VE that would be awesome) got the timing somewhat right (right enough to fire) and it started, WILL NOT idle, it will fluctuate between 200-1200 RPM's until it stalls, is this because the 2 lines for the intake are not connected? If you manually keep the TB open it will run but won't idle, no CEL's on the dash either?

Below are pics of connectors I do not have connected still

I believe the one on the far left here is for the EGR valve, then the EGR temp sensor then IACV but am not sure. On IACV the connector's for the DE harness and the one that came on the fuel injector harness on the VE are different, is this what I use to extend the wire and use the VE IACV clip to connect it?

Not sure what this is (believe the wires coming off it are black and pink with gray dot) this is under the intake by the starter

Other than that it started and didn't bog or anything if you played with the TB and there aren't any CEL's which is weird... Also for the throttle cable bracket I'm not sure what to do, I read that if you drill a whole in the middle of the DE bracket it will work but the AAC valve is in the way, any pics of your guys' throttle cable bracket setups and how you got it working?
2012-01-11 17:34:29
dood.... the clips are irrelevant! if you want some real help take a picture of the WIRE COLORS, plz n thnx
2012-01-11 20:13:35
i didnt have any problems wiring up danfivetens 200sx.. it seemed pretty straight forward like a b13 swap.. i didnt do anything special an his shit works good, i dont think he has any codes popping up or engine lights either..

there should be no reason to extend any wires so dont go cutting anything.. also you can swap the iacv from the old engine, its that hex shaped brass looking thing you just swap it right over..

also. why did you block off the heater stuff? unless your going full race car i would keep the heater, never know if you might need to turn it to full blast to make it home or something lol.
2012-01-11 21:11:04
I'll take pictures of where I put the 2 coolant hoses, the fittings on the VE that wrap around the thermostat housing had to be taken off and swapped with the DE's because the fittings were too big, so I took the 2 heater core lines and connected them to that line and plugged that side of the coolant since coolant is be circulated through the two other hoses.

I'll also right down what all the wire color's are and post them as well if that will help. When I get off work I have to play with timing to get it to idle and then modify the DE throttle cable bracket, top off tranny fluid and coolant, tighten this one bolt that is almost impossible to get to on the headers, plug the throttle bottle coolant fittings and connect the cold idle line to the intake and crankcase breather and I should be able to take it for a spin!
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