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Thread: VE-T Guys chime in please....

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2012-01-01 18:19:02
VE-T Guys chime in please....
Alright well I know how it can be done. And know how to do it, just can't think of which route to go, looking for suggestions on the easiest/best way, that could possibly leave me a good backup engine.

Shooting for around 350-400 whp.

Engine #1:
SR20DET - Has s3 cams, mazworx headstuds, cosworth headgasket, stock otherwise.

SR20VE - All stock, my b14 just got totalled and I pulled the motor from it.

So do I use the DET bottom end, drill the head and slap it on?

Or use the VE block and buy some new pistons, but then I have to steal the rods from the DET anyways...

Will be done with a 2871R with a FP wheel, probably on a GTIR manifold.

All in all I want to spend maybe 600 and get to my power goal, and try to leave myself enough leftover parts to build a backup block.
2012-01-01 19:23:04
Think your better off just finding some gtir pistons/rods and slapping them in the ve, then tap the block for oil return and your good to go. That'll keep your det fully together as the spare engine. Idk if the ve pistons will go good on a det head, so swaping the aprts around that you currently have won't set you a spare engine.
2012-01-01 20:22:42
Why not just boost the stock ve as is?
2012-01-01 20:24:51
Want a reliable setup, so boosting the VE with the 2871 is not a great idea.

If I was shooting for 250ish (which I already have, I would boost the VE as is)

I'm thinking of building the DET bottom end, but not too sure yet. Want some more idea's
2012-01-01 20:31:20
Someone correct me if im wrong, but when looking at piston/rod combos on ebay, I can't find any under VE, but for DET I know of all kinds.

Won't all the DET stuff go in the VE bottom end??? Manley rods, JE pistons...?
2012-01-01 20:36:06
Im kinda in the same boat but im probably gonna just boost the stock ve. Not looking for more than 300hp. I've read that the ve is rated up to 400 stock. I don't think they ve blocks are as weak as some believe.
2012-01-01 20:36:48
Use the ve oil pump and the DET stock bottom end.
2012-01-01 20:52:57
VE/DE aftermarket rods are the same. I dont believe you can run VE head on a stock DET block because the piston valve relief cutouts arent deep enough. But maybe someone can chime in and prove me wrong.
If I was wanting to achieve the same thing I would probably do this.

Strip the DET block take the pistons to a machine shop and get the Valve Cutouts deepened. Atleast then you have a margin of safety
Get the block honed and new rings
If the bottom end is in good enough condition you can probably clean and put it back together with the same bearings although it probably isnt to expensive to throw some bearings at it at that stage
Then Run the VE Head on the Fresh block
If you can do the assembly work yourself that shouldnt sting you more than $600 I wouldnt think.

Otherwise you could probably find an engine builder/machine shop that will deepen the valve reliefs with out pulling down the engine. Far from ideal, but definitely been done before. Would get you up and running in the smallest amount of time for the least amount of money

Or I would Run E85 on the stock VE bottom end. Always been interested to see how that would go. I reckon it could work quite well with the higher compression + boost.
Reliability could be an issue though
2012-01-01 20:54:22
could run VE oil pump etc on DET block as above. Definitely wouldnt hurt anyway
2012-01-01 21:37:01
I can't find the post bc im useing my phone, but there's a guy on here from miami with a blue p10 on his signiture. The thread is about stock ve-t25 set up. Says he put down 392whp with tunning. That's plenty for my de. I think the guy might be gio's brother.
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