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Thread: gaining power on sr20ve

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2011-12-29 14:51:24
Originally Posted by niZmo
he did say that he notched the pistons, so his cr should be lower


he prolly meant notched for squirters
2011-12-29 15:02:59
Originally Posted by macakin
I'd say that's close to where it should be for that setup, as it's almost the same HP I got

He said its bhp, not whp. I made 206bhp on stock VE with calum basic tune...
2011-12-29 19:03:29
The pistons are only notched for squirters, we cant get any higher octane fuel here in ireland. And i do believe US dynos read a hell of a lot higher than any we have here
2011-12-29 19:17:19
^Define a hell of a lot higher and what about track times?
2011-12-29 19:32:29
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
^Define a hell of a lot higher and what about track times?

We have 1 timed circuit here, and its about 4 hours from where me and john live, Even the best modified VVL cars here barely make at the fly what ye make at the wheels

My dyno sheet, 184 fly 147 wheel

N1, fully rebuilt, valve job, extra polish and porting, fuji manifold, blitz catback, no power steering, mezerie pump, fidanza fly, metal headgasket, 3"HKS mushroom, 3" smooth intake pipe, no tune yet though

Jagy gets 206 bhp on a stock 20ve with a tune, i reckon a tune would help me see 200 give or take a little, me and john dyno'd together same day on a maha dyno thats very highly regarded over here for accurate numbers, ill get to call and give me his sheet i will upload it for ye guys to see
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2011-12-29 20:08:46
I would have to say that the dyno you are using is very low reading.... Put it this way... You dyno'd an N1 worked @ 186 @ the flywheel while a stock N1 is rated at what from the factory? Yours with some work done to it is less than an N1 is rated at, which is @ the flywheel. You are saying that your dyno is accurate and your work yielded you a loss is power? A dyno is a tuning tool so only comparison before & after numbers matter really but to say the dyno you use is accurate sounds crazy to me.
2011-12-29 20:12:45
My cars are dynoed on MAHA LPS3000 too... same like yours. Its very accurate. Is your car still 1.6 or 2.0 now? Tune will help a lot - do it. One friend gained 30HP with very little tuning on built DE.
2011-12-29 20:13:22
People here call the dyno we use a high reader, theres another in the south of the country gives way lower readings. Ill give john a text in a while and get him to drop in his dyno sheet so we can get some advice on how to improve his numbers,

Im putting the loss of power in mine down to the poor petrol and i had to dyno in 3rd gear as i still have the 180km speed cut

Mine is a 1.6 still, john has stroked his vzr to 2.0 and only has 10 bhp more than me

I wonder if the dyno we use is metric HP and ye use imperial just looking at wiki and it seems theres a difference
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2011-12-29 21:26:18


ask dyno operator about hp/ps/bhp...
2012-01-02 05:45:41
Thanks for the help guys going to get 3" exhaust made up shortly. I wanted to use nistune in my setup but its not available for sr16ve ecu so i had to use the emanage instead. Going to leave the sr16ve cams in it until i see what kind of gains i can make with 3" exhaust and good intake setup
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