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Thread: BEst oil for VE

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2012-06-16 09:37:33
I run (Pennzoil PLATINUM) - Used this in multiple customer cars (that's over 300) , no complaints, ran the shit myself under daily/race conditions for 7 years , at one time did 21 back to back track runs on a 90* day, Never had one engine break down. This is the only oil going into any of my engines.
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2012-06-16 12:27:17
Originally Posted by Storm88000
I honestly am not sure what a dynapak is?
A hub dyno. Look it up.
2012-06-20 16:41:41
What does the owner's manual say? I believe that would be best in all circumstances for a STOCK, or normally aspirated VE. I read all these different viscosities ppl are using, seems pretty fanboyish. Given envoirnmental tempturatures, you would adjust accordingly. Same with engine mods, such a turbo, or HIGHER than normal revs. In which I would add an oil stablizer rather than use random viscosities. Simply call your locate dealership, or read your owner's manual.

Peace and love.
2012-06-20 17:03:24
Well since we dont get the SR20VE from the factory in the states, so we cant exactly use the owners manual lol, nice try though! And going to the dealer for sr20ve shit can be a pain in the ass, unless its Gspec.

Everyone seems to have their own opinions about oil and either good or bad experience with it. I've used 10w30 kendall synthetic blend for a couple years (since i got my engine) and it was clean as hell inside the block and head an i've put about 30k on it of daily driving and ass whoopin abuse
2012-06-22 21:38:49
Originally Posted by BenFenner
A hub dyno. Look it up.

You look it up!

2012-06-23 04:28:24
what you guys think about the amsoil dominator 20w50 ?
2012-06-23 14:22:21
I've been running 5w30 Valvoline full synth, just switched over from Mobil 1 10w30. Ambient temps run from 32f to 98f the last few months. VE's running much better now, even feels stronger as it warms up, vs feeling a little tired. Valvoline or Mobil probably isn't much of a diff, vs. 5 or 10.
2012-09-01 04:02:00
I just wanted to add I am using the Mobil-1 5w-30 "high mileage" formula now, and it seems to be running well. The high mileage formula does cost about $2 more per big jug (5.28 quarts) than their regular synthetic.
2012-09-02 07:56:00
im from jamaica...i have been using honda genuine 10-30 syn in my ve for abt 2yrs + now....n1 cams .....revin to 8500 daily
2012-09-02 14:02:47
vr1 ftw
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