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Thread: Guess my ve hp

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2011-10-07 03:37:41
Guess my ve hp
Ok heres the thing I know how much power it made cause I just got done getting it tune so I would like you guys to guess what it made cause I know I made less than my mod list.
After some guesses I will tell what it made and would like some idea why it didnt make power as to what we all think. Mod are as follow:

Sleeved Det block block to 90mm.
Ve crank
12.5 to 1 cp piston.
Eagle rods.
4-1 by protech 1 3/4 to 1 7/8 12in ea step.
Custom intake manifold
184c v2/ bc valve springs
Cometic hg
Stock port head.
3in exhaust with apexi ws2 muffler.
Sr16 tranny and flywheel/ jwt pp b15 disc.
tune on calum rt.

Motor was assemble by me everything to spec with the help of cory.
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2011-10-07 03:50:19
235hp +/- 5
2011-10-07 03:52:57

EDIT: Let it be known my first guess was 215~!!!!!
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2011-10-07 03:54:22
Another thing to add would be that it made right about at the 200whp mark before the addition of the sleeves and 90mm pistons
2011-10-07 03:55:08
212 +/- 4whp
2011-10-07 03:55:10
220whp +/- 5
2011-10-07 04:21:44
2011-10-07 04:22:32
Now tell us damn it.
2011-10-07 04:37:11
220 your intake manifold is the culprit.
2011-10-07 04:56:54
201? feels like the price is right lol
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