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Thread: VE's mpg...what are you getting?

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2008-05-14 23:50:48
what ecus are you guys running?
2008-05-15 00:43:57
i get high 20s but im always getting on it....using a calum realtime
2008-05-15 02:13:30
im getting around 28 mpg on the city and 34 on the high way on my sr16ve has n1 cams, throttle body and manifold ... not really sure if its a real n1 or not cause it doesnt have the 4 extra set of injectors ... i purchased the car from this guy leo in orlando and told me it was a n1 .. and it has a sr16ve ecu
2008-05-18 01:29:42
Been recently getting 34-35 mixed driving. JWT Ecu. Driving somewhat spirited.
2008-05-18 01:42:12
I'm getting like 21-22 mpg. I know I'm running rich and my commute is mostly local. I've always gotten lower nilage than others cause of my lead foot
2008-05-27 03:18:13
crazy story, so here is goes....

took the b14 sr20ve swapped on its first road trip. been in the car for almost two years now. basic mods with full exhaust ssac 2.5 to a vrs 3". calum ecu thats about it towards the motor. On the way down to my girlfriends house i filled up with shell 89 octane( 10% ethanol ). I know my gas gauge is little weird but i hit 250miles at half a tank. 300miles at 3/4 tank. Now is time to go home. filled it back up with shell 88( regular gas) Kansas is weird and had 5 different octane differences. everything was too pricey and the cheapest kind was 86 for 3.79 per gallon. Well driving back up i made it home with a total of 280 miles driven, and have less then a 1/4 of tank left. a weird difference then going down there.
2008-05-28 01:35:11
im getting about 18 to 20 mixed highway and city, i know im running rich,
2008-08-23 02:33:55
I slowed down my average speed to 65mph for my daily commute and I just got 36.54mpg 91 octane 11* timing with calum basic ecu, intake, exhaust, 9lbs flywheel and stock cams.
2008-08-23 04:08:14
Just came back from picking up a VE Sentra in Florida and got 36-38 mpg, all highway doing 60-70 mph range and AC running on either 1 or 2 setting. Haven't had the chance to gauge mixed driving mpg's yet.
2008-08-23 07:02:54
I had my window down.
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