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Thread: Who's going for big power with the VE this year?

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2008-07-25 21:56:06
They are wiring my VVL and secondary injectors (which will come on when vvl hits)
They are going to do a cold start program as well.

Im not really here to argue over the price that tuners chose to charge (i.e. it's pointless to hear "go find another tuner because i know a guy that can do it for $xxx") Im just pointing out that most people here aren't willing to pay the money to get a standalone and get it tuned. because in general you are looking at over $2k USD to get it done.

same group of guys want to argue that $150 SSAC headers perform almost as good as $500 Fuji headers so that's good enough
2008-07-25 22:41:38
^^^ thats a hot set up, i wish i actually put a post up saying "swap lower 20ve intake for n1 lower intake plus cash your way" and run secondary set up. there would have been someone that bought the n1 intake set up and not ran the lower manifold. anyway too late now manifold is made

but yeah you are right no point worrying about price of a tune, get it done right even if it cost a little more. but if i had to choose i would choose a calum realtime tuned by a pro tuner with ssac than a jwt with a fuji
2008-07-29 11:03:43
My 2L engine will quite possibly be ready this week, it has been reassembled & lashed so just the degreeing of the cams to happen now... I'm already looking ahead as to what to do with the stroker DE. I have a spare SR20VE engine plus a complete VE head & manifolds sitting in the garage so building a 2.3L VE for the other car is pretty tempting.
2008-07-29 12:32:49
kelford seems to know there stuff i reall want see how these cams work out...
2008-07-30 01:05:43
sounds good, I will have my AEM tuned by local guy that does Acura NSXs. There are a handful here that can do it but I chose this guy Mikey since he street tunes and then fine tunes it on the dyno. There are a few more but I heard about this guy since I moved here in 2003. Prices here vary from $350 flat rate pluso dyno time from 120/hr plus dyno time to $1000 all in all.

For Mikey I have no idea yet on his price but he will do my tune since he does alot of road racing cars, his NSX was featutred awhile back too, Factor X was the shop's name and Billy Johnson is the driver...just babbling since I see that with spending big money on parts you need to put it all together right with a proper tune.
2008-07-30 01:08:35
Originally Posted by anomaly
kelford seems to know there stuff i reall want see how these cams work out...

They do but I never got a reply from them since I emailed them.....Hey Clint can you give a shout out to them form me.
2008-07-30 11:05:18
Yeah, they're normally very fast but have been insanely busy lately, I'm still waiting on the prices for head porting that Gerry asked for! I will probably have to chat with Kevin next week so will ask if he got your e-mail at the same time.
2008-07-30 12:50:34
I was guessing Factor X as soon as you said NSX and Vegas ...in the same sentance , it is funny as I am having my car tunned by a Cody at Lovefab ( he has been working with AEM and having vary good results with their stuff his shop NSX just made a little over 900whp!!! and it is a street car ) ..Another NSX builder and I am to useing an AEM EMS ....Det+ve head little monster , I am about ready to put it together but I am know thiking of playing with the head , but I do not know if it will benifit me any with the build I am running , I think I would need a bigger turbo to really get anything out of the head work
2008-07-31 00:56:57
Originally Posted by daxx
They do but I never got a reply from them since I emailed them.....Hey Clint can you give a shout out to them form me.

send another message, as it was the same way with me, they were busy and missed the 1st email i sent, but gave me very helpful info!!!
2008-07-31 03:51:25
Yeah I just re-emailed them a few hours ago and got a reply. I am now filling out a form so they can help me out.
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