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Thread: what is this (VE internal)

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2011-08-26 20:58:49
what is this (VE internal)
found this when i changed my oil...

my guess, has somthing to do with oil and is pressed into the block internally somewhere and got pushed out with high psi at high rpm
2011-08-26 21:17:34
Chain oiler.
2011-08-26 21:18:17
that is an oil jet that sprays oil on the chain and guide behind the oil pump

I have seen a few of these things come out
2011-08-26 21:20:09
Its your chain oiler pin. Search it, Both Cliff and I had that happen on our VE motors. Its very common for whatever reason on the VEs probably due to higher oil pressure. Yes you need it to be in there. You will have to remove the front cover/oil pump to reinstall it. Drop the pans, remove crank pulley and belts, Remove pickup tube and then remove the front cover. There is a little dot on the front face of that piece, Needs to be reinstalled with the dot pointing straight up in the 12 oclock position. Put some loctite Red or 252 on the part that goes into the block and gently tap it in until it seats all the way in. Give it 24 Hours to fully cure before starting it back up. I can gurantee it wont pop out ever again after that. Mine was fine and i use a 15w50 oil that sees higher pressures than using a thinner oil..
2011-08-26 21:23:52
BTW your lucky that you had it come out during an oil change. Most dont find it till later when we drop the oil pan. lol. If you had an oil pressure gauge hooked up you would have seen a noticable pressure drop than it would have normally ran with that in place. You will lose about 10-15psi of oil pressure across the board again depending on what thickness oil you use. Mine was about a 10psi drop with the 15w50
2011-08-26 21:25:20
thanks all for the quick replies anyone got another one handy? this one got knocked around a bit and bent but being that it is stationary and essicencally an oil restrictor i guess i could reuse it
2011-08-26 21:28:34
its fine to reuse. Being bent that little bit isnt going to hurt anything. Once you get the cover off you will see the open port just above the crank sprocket. Easy enough. Just a couple hours of work.
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