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Thread: Post top 5 intake manifolds for sr20ve

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2011-08-26 03:45:04
he just said custom....

heres my list:
bj racing
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2011-08-26 08:53:57
both my single throttle and quote throttle are custom made

2011-08-26 09:56:29
You could try BMC Race to have a custom one made like mine. As far as n/a goes i know there are couple n/a b series and h series motors using their manifolds and making good power. James at BMC race designs the intakes and runners for both turbo and n/a use and determines runner length by what size motor and what powerband your looking at.

Only issue with our setups is our clearance to the firewall. Hondas have soo much more room between the motor and firewall for longer runner intake manifolds. The intake runners on my turbo manifold are about 6" long from the flange to the top of the velocity stacks. His velocity stack and runner design have already proven to make awesome power both n/a and turbo. Might be worth a shot trying one in n/a form. Excessive manifolds didnt really make a whole lot of power from what we have seen. Barely any more than a stock one.
2011-08-26 14:17:57
ITB's :P
2011-08-26 14:57:56
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
I do but they aren't mine to share .

Yea but that one is not the off the self item right???? It was modded a little??
2011-08-26 20:17:27
Originally Posted by STRATTON
the n1 makes no power over a stock intake mani.

i personally am not to impressed with the excessive mani.

i have a mani made in maylasia. im also not to impressed with it either, although i feel it is much better then excessive and it was cheap.

your best option is like cory said, have it custom built.

unfortuneatly there isnt many options as far as intake manis go for ve's, but the aft ones that are avaliable are better then stock or n1.



2011-08-26 20:24:28
The N1 manifold and TB under boost does wonders.

I have found N1 intake manifolds make alittle WHP NA but they have to be ported. If you get a N1 manifold and dont port it it will make less WHP than stock VE manifold. The N1 manifold was made and designed to be ported and comes that way on the factory car.
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2011-08-27 03:05:48
5whp over a stock on a ported by me N1 IM and 70mm TB but it takes too much time and work for just 5whp IMO just go custom!!!
2011-08-27 03:35:35
Check iut my engine on gre v thread of the xceesive plenum with n1 ,runners its 11hp more and 4 tq I think and custom ive seen two ofthem only make 7 and other 6 some for me xcessive the best good luck
2011-08-27 04:07:49
this looks like it works BMCRace Custom Intake Manifolds - Honda-Tech
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