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Thread: 98 200sx and sr20ve swap ?'s

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2011-08-23 06:49:19
98 200sx and sr20ve swap ?'s
ok well i just got my sr20ve motor(use to have the ga16), got a tranny, got a clutch, bout to get motor mounts, i know i need a couple different brackets for the rear mounts, i know i need a clutch cable bracket, i believe i need ser axels correct? i need a flywheel suggestions? anything else? comments, suggestions, pointers? thanks
2011-08-23 06:52:41
SR16 flywheel if your on a budget. If not Fedanza 9lb. Only draw back to that is when u cut on the A/C the car might stall at a light.
2011-08-23 08:47:55
I got extra tranny brackets, 15 buks plus shipping which is like 5 bucks. I just got a box full of extras.
2011-08-23 15:56:52
You need an SER crossmember if you don't already have one.. also look onto a tranny saver bracket... Andreas Miko sells them...

Also make sure you use the correct bolts for the flywheel you cannot use the ones that came with the motor, if it did come with any...
2011-08-23 16:25:59
Or you can go to home depot and get that lil brass thingy i got and it does the same thing with a conduit nut for under 5 bucks. 1&3/4 brass adapter thing and 3/4 conduit nut puts lots of life into the clutch cable.
2011-08-23 19:50:28
What I like about Andreas bracket is that it doesnt flex, other than just the adjustment issue....
2011-08-23 19:55:40
Mine doesnt flex, it matters if you do it right. But to each their own.
2011-08-23 22:08:47
Originally Posted by danfiveten
Mine doesn't flex, it matters if you do it right. But to each their own.

Flexing has nothing to do with your adapters, there is nothing to "do right" to keep the bracket from flexing when using a stiff pressure plate other than adding some other kind of bracing like miko's bracket has.

You keep talking about the clutch cable adjustment/ stretching issue with the spacers, that is not the purpose of miko's bracket, he just happens to incorporate it into the bracket as an added feature if you want it. It's main purpose is to keep the bracket from flexing when using a stiff pp.
2011-08-23 23:51:23
All i can say is thank you guys for probally destroying a sale for me, ill remember that He can either go with mine and get a free coupler and conduit washer from me, or go with andreas, but i appreciate the cock blocks guys.
2011-08-24 00:07:11
No prob dan that's what this forum is all about.
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