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Thread: Some very cool cylinder head work.

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2011-08-22 02:41:10
And also I think its a bit funny you guys turn this into a cnc port vs hand port. That is absolutely a non issue.

Beacause what's going on with these heads is they are ported by hand and they try many variations until they achieve a port that is great and as close to ideal as possible. Then they they program the concerned to mimic this exact same port over and over again. So really its just a lot less time consuming and much more precise
2011-08-22 02:48:16
Thats exactly what i said. lol. They test the port design, sizes, and so on well before they even cnc them. And again the CNC of the ports is much more precise to keep everything as even as possible in each port.

They dont just throw it in the machine, load a program with sizes they think will be good and go to work. lol. Its much much more involved than that.
2011-08-22 03:03:44
I don't remember the name exactly I will have to look it up but I believe the company or person was out of austrailia or maybe new zeland I am not 100% correct on location but I did save the flow chart on my old computer I will see if I can dig it up. Also I know they do not just throw numbers into a program and run things. It's my job to program and run similar machines 40 hours a week I know how it works. Also I believe that you could take one of these cylinder heads and rework it a little to flow a bit better. Everybody has there own ways of doing this witch is what creates a market and competitive company's doing the same thing. But I will try my best to get you guys the flow chart. But like I said if this was offered to our community it would be greatly beneficial to us. As for me I will stay hand ported as in my beliefs it is more benifitial because in the end the person is making revisions to the program that is in the machine to better there product not visa versa.
2011-08-22 03:04:39
Ashton, where the fuck are you? I've called your phone like 4 times, aren't you back by now? lol
2011-08-22 03:27:52
No, im still over here. lol. I go on vacation back to the states september 15-october 1st. Then back over here for another 6 months. Ill be back in the states probably late April or so. PM me man, Easiest way.
2011-08-22 05:01:53
Mazworx SR20VE 90mm CNC Combustion Chamber - YouTube

mazworx is doing it for the VE
2011-08-22 05:15:33
Originally Posted by b12sr20ve
Mazworx SR20VE 90mm CNC Combustion Chamber - YouTube

mazworx is doing it for the VE

Thats old news.
2011-08-22 11:49:33
Right that's just the chamber I believe. Not any actual port work
2011-08-22 12:36:26
oh my bad. right thats for the chamber only
2011-08-22 12:37:16
I know Mazworx ported my friends head not sure if it was cnc though.
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