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Thread: B14 ve owners chime in please

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2011-08-14 04:52:49
B14 ve owners chime in please
Ok so the motor on the daily is going out, and need some suggestions, cant seem to find any threads on how it is done.

Ve, no egr and no rear o2.

Thought about a step down harness with a b13 ecu, but then ecutalk at emissions will not communicate with it.

Cant find a calum b14

Do I give up and go jwt? If I dont have any other options I will throw out the extra money, but if I do, please enlighten me!

In advance sorry if I didnt search hard enough, all I found was 86k ohm resistor for the egr but any insight on where? Details!
2011-08-14 06:01:19
You can get NisTune realtime. They make OBDII chips. I don't have a VE, nor a B14. I have a NX with a lowport, and my ECU is chipped with NisTune. Running on a stock bin for now. There's various bins posted in the tuning section you should be able to use. You will still need a window switch, or MSS though. You will need this NIStune - Realtime ECU Tuning and their PLMS cable if you are going to be messing with the tune yourself. You may be able to get them to discount the price if you're going to let a tuning shop do all of the work, so just tell them you don't want the user license, just the chip. I really don't know why they have a user license include if they aren't including the PLMS cable in the package, since you can't tune without it, lol.
2011-08-14 06:12:13
Resistor goes into the egr temp sensor i believe. You can also run the stock ecu with the timing cranked up until you find a b14 calum ecu.
2011-08-14 06:20:56
Btw, isnt queen creek pinal county? You go through emission still?
2011-08-14 07:14:53
My b14 with ve is running 96 g20 Ecu fine. But my nistune will be in Tuesday. Even without a tuned Ecu she runs very good still.
2011-08-14 16:15:03
Ok, yea I know you can throw the timing at it on the stock ecu and be borderline ok, im more worried about the codes. Yea still emissions cody, I do have a maricopa address that I may use though
2011-08-14 22:39:25
Well maricopa county has emissions but i thought pinal county didnt. i registered my car in coolidge which is pinal county so i dont have to go through emissions.
2011-08-15 03:39:47
How did that go? Just tell them you changed your addy from the one on your license or what?
2011-08-15 05:42:39
Changed my addres on my license to my grandmas house out there.
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