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Thread: Question About Timing Chain!

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2011-07-24 21:25:29
Question About Timing Chain!
Is there any upgrate kit, stronger like we can see on the K20's engine?

or any Reinforced Timing Chain

If so please send me the infomation.

2011-07-24 21:39:56
Not that I know of. There is no reason. Ours never break.
2011-07-24 22:04:55
Yeah there is 300k+ mile SR's still on the original timing chain and gears. The SR20VE 20V motor and SR20VET came with a newer style chain like you see on the K series and F20 and F22 motors but seems to me the tooth spacing on those types of changes are closer and more prone to skipping which is a problem on the F20 and F22 motors and apparently the K's as well which is why they made an upgraded tensioner for both motors. The chains are apparently stronger because of the design but like I said, much more prone to skipping because of the design. Old school style chains rarely skip and still rarely break unless something else causes it.

As long as ive been in the SR20 family ive only seen 2 or 3 people post about broken chains and most were caused because of something else. Like hit valves then the chain broke, or threw a rocker arm and it caused it to break the cam and the chain after the motor came and hit the valves. Thats some force to break a camshaft too. But like I said. All were catastrophic failures and chain breaking was not the likely cause but yet an aftermath of something previous.

No reason to replace the chain unless it physically appears damaged or stretched which can be checked. Other than that. No reason to.
2011-07-24 22:49:45
some KA24 motors come with 2 timing chains and one of the 2 is prone to breaking, happend to my buddys altima for no good reason, as for the sr's ya its pretty rare + i think the way they designed the guides an stuff makes braking alot less likely
2011-07-25 00:41:07
I personally know of two instances where timing chain broke, both where in stock SR16's, both of them bent valves and broke cams also.

The 20V/VET chain has a lesser chance of stretching due to the design, as opposed to the earlier chain, also those motors with the new chain come with the new tensioner, which extends further and has finer (smaller increment) teeth.
2011-07-25 01:43:38
or did the valves bending an braking the cams snap the chain? its like what came first the chicken or the egg
2011-07-25 01:54:47
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
or did the valves bending an braking the cams snap the chain? its like what came first the chicken or the egg

Well what would cause the valves to suddenly bend? For the valves to bend, timing has to be off, right?

I really don't see it happening the other way around.
2011-07-25 02:05:08
Thanks for the info!!
What you think about this chain:
KAMEARI Reinforced Timing Chain SR20
2011-07-25 02:24:55
Why is everyone scaring him about timing chains. They're pretty strong, after 200K ya I'd replace it along with the guides and tensioner, but all the VVL engines I have torn down have great looking chains and no wear on the guides. I'd skip the hassle, in order to replace the chain you have to remove the oil pump, and for most people, that involves removing the cylinder head to do. Skip the timing chain BS, and just focus on driving the car. I'd send the injectors out to get cleaned and flowed for sure though, and also a new FPR if you're nit picky on your engines.
2011-07-25 02:58:57
Again, no need to replace it. For the person saying the chain broke and bent valves. Did this happen when the motor was at high revs? If so then you have no clue as to what happened and its pretty hard to say one thing over the other. If something else happened that caused the chain to skip at the cam gears, then hit valves causing the chain to break again you never know really. Unless its just sitting there at low rpms or normal driving and then all of a sudden bam it breaks (again which has happened to a couple people out of the 11 years ive been in the sr20 community) and the chain is broken and you bent valves then yeah, id say chain definitely was the failure. But again doesnt happen very often at all. Again you can inspect the chain for wear and stretch by looking up what a chain stretch test looks like it basicly involves flex in the chain from side to side (to test play in the links) not the normal way the chain flexes. If it doenst flex to the side much at all then no reason to replace it. If it does flex alot and you can see noticable play in the links where the link pins go through then replace it. I check mine every now and then when I have the valve cover off and cams out. Soo far not a sign of play.

Our chains are very well oiled (unless oil starved) have very good guides and for the most part are not under a lot of tension. The valvetrain turns fairly easy and doesnt take a lot of effort on the chains part to turn it.

Aftermarket chain? Waste of money.

Do the simple things to check and be done and rest assured your chain wont snap.
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