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Thread: Project SR27VE

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2011-05-22 00:29:13
Originally Posted by STR8E180
2 words my friend ROD ANGLES

a ve head loves big rev's that bottom end wont so its not a good combo
big bore standard stroke works better with a ve head and mazworx have proven that with their sr22vet retaining the standard crank and going bigger bore is one of the reasons why its able to rev so hard

that block will make a lot of toque down low but wont like being rev'ed very hard

im also guessing his building a non turbo car because that block would be even worst for a turbo setup

im hoping he proves me wrong because if he does ill look into getting one myself but from what im seeing and what im working out in my head that wont be a hard reving engine and for my setup of turbo charging its going to be out of the question

Like others have said it depends on how well its built. If NASCAR uses a built 400 big block V8 that revs over 10K, I'm sure it wont be a prob if this gets put together right. Oh and that 400 is a big bore long stroke.
2011-05-22 00:35:51
NASCAR uses between 351 to 358 cid.
2011-05-22 02:11:59
That's what the deck plate and extremely high pin height counteract is the rod angle. By improving the rs ratio to something that can handle the revs. He's using some real long rods that are a must with that kind of stroke. This thing will be amazing I really hope we get to see a graph when its running
2011-05-22 20:53:42
Originally Posted by squabzter
NASCAR uses between 351 to 358 cid.

Yeah you're right. Sorry for posting misinformation. I remembered that after I posted, and didn't have time to repost and correct myself. Some of the smaller circle track series uses the 400 I believe? But needless to say that 358 is still a big V8 and revs really high. I've never heard of many SRs revving like that, but it can be done if it's put together right.
2011-05-22 20:58:06
First, I like to commend Derm for doing something different and being a true pioneer.

Now to get an idea of the challenges he faces, let’s look at the math.

The main obstacle to high rpm is the high piston speed resulting from a 100 mm stroke. The piston speed goes up the longer the stroke is for a given rpm.

Lets look at the piston speed for three different stroke lengths at 9,000 rpm.

1. Nascar 5.86 liter (106.299 mm bore X 82.55 mm stroke) = 4875 fpm
2. 2.0 VE (86 X 86)= 5078
3. Derm’s 2.7 liter (92 X 100)= 5905

To put that into perspective, you have to rev the stock 2.0 litter motor to 10500 rpm to get the same piston speed.

The rod/stroke ratio some are talking about does not slow down the average piston speed. It only moves the peak piston speed a few crank angle degree around.

For Derm’s engine, he stated the R/S is 1.5, so that would make his rod length 150mm/5.9”. The stock 2.0 VE has a R/S of 1.58 and the 16VE is 2.11.
2011-05-22 21:20:07
Its probably not going to be a high revving motor.

Most 2.4L VE are not revved over 8000rpm too... you dont need to rev high to make power/torque.
2011-05-22 22:57:09
If the engine is stroked out that far, I just do not see how you would want to rev to 9000 RPM.
2011-05-22 23:14:04
Originally Posted by Viprdude
If the engine is stroked out that far, I just do not see how you would want to rev to 9000 RPM.

As long as the motor is built good there is no reason not to rev to peak power.

2011-05-23 00:26:04
Who cares let him build it and let's see results, let's not get technical especially when no one has tried a build like this props to OP for doing this. Hondas have 2.6 motors and rev to 10k+ With 100+mm cranks... And big bore and makeIng 340+whp and 220+tq.. Hope to see a vvl do this
Last edited by alex_b13 on 2011-05-23 at 00-29-52.
2011-05-23 00:45:08
Originally Posted by STRATTON
As long as the motor is built good there is no reason not to rev to peak power.


Given the engine being built "well", yes.
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