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Thread: Project SR27VE

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2011-05-15 22:43:20
wow of the other couple of pics of 92mm blocks i'd seen, those cylinder walls looked thinner i was thinkin 94 as well.

as for the deck plate and whole idea here and in your other thread. erm.... amazing, epic, insane sorta cover it

n00b questions, how's the deck plate actually mated to the block?

and how much will end up being totally custom? camchain? lol, rods, pistons, crank, oil pans?! surely the block will need some serious work to clear the 100mm crank

can't wait for this....the thought of 2.7 litres of ve makes me wet
2011-05-15 22:46:17
2011-05-15 22:47:09
holy sh..... thats just sick
2011-05-15 22:48:51
holy crap.This is gonna be good!
2011-05-15 23:03:56
This is completely bad ass, but the walls are suppper thin.
2011-05-15 23:05:54
Originally Posted by xnissan240x
This is completely bad ass, but the walls are suppper thin.

I still need to install the sleeves
2011-05-15 23:11:43
Whilst I think this is crazy awesome just like everyone else, at what point does making a SR20 bigger and bigger, stop being economical (or even possible)? And when do you become better off starting with something else? Or milling a block out of a lump of aluminium from scratch? (which it seems you're not far off at all with some of the x-special custom stuff you've been posting)
2011-05-15 23:29:46
engine porn!!
2011-05-15 23:52:21
Freaking BALLS.
2011-05-15 23:53:40
Good job making us poor people jealous. Lol
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