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Thread: Project SR27VE

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2014-03-10 02:52:29
Nissan Chasis SR20 first one into the six seconds, this happened a year and a half ago.

Side note: The guy that owns and drives the other car is one of the two puertorican guys that was in the two Fast and the Furious movies before the last one. His car is faster than what it does on that video.
2014-03-10 19:53:47
I don't know if 2.7L is posable without lots of mods to the block... With that kind of stroke and a deck plate "longer rods" you might need run into problems with the rod angle at 90/270deg where the rod will hit the base of the sleeve?? I wounder at BDC if theres enough room to remove part of the sleeve for the width of the rod itself.... I would love to try this setup how fun it would be to do some R&D and figure it out.. Best of luck.. Let us all know !!
2014-12-29 18:27:14
2014-12-29 18:33:14
Last I heard he redid the deck plate so he could bolt a K20 head onto the block.
2014-12-29 19:19:22
That's interesting. A s20 bottom with a k20 head?
2014-12-29 20:00:09
plz don't take me seriously I'm just pulling bloods leg lol.
2014-12-29 23:51:03
post #184 made me spit my beer all over the screen and keyboard. someone owes me a beer!!!! lol
2014-12-30 00:09:09
what a dick, lol
2014-12-30 00:23:57
2014-12-30 01:04:13
As previously mentioned...

check it

It's probably even faster now!
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