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Thread: Frankenstein distributor

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2011-04-26 01:12:09

2011-04-26 01:31:00
thats how it sits as of right now, it ran really smooth at that spot.. might take it to school this week to time it
2011-04-26 15:27:19
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2011-04-26 15:32:45
way to be an innovator lynch. Why don't you guys just use a CAS or Crank trigger to run your coils though? Lose the dizzy.
2011-04-26 16:38:55
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
way to be an innovator lynch. Why don't you guys just use a CAS or Crank trigger to run your coils though? Lose the dizzy.


but what are you talking about?

the 20ve's dont come with coilpacks they come with distributors.. an as far as i know the 20v cas wont work with our ecus???
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2011-04-26 17:58:37
I apologize, I thought that you were using the CAS with another ecu. So you're using the se-r brain with the VE then? Well here's some info anyways.


Start there, but this is with a megasquirt ems. But, even the factory dizzy can be used to detect ignition timing with an external coil pack. You can adjust the trigger wheel to adjust base timing if you have to.
2011-04-26 21:34:44
Before anybody else thinks about trying this, know that the timing will be off by 180*. At mechanical #1 TDC (piston and cams), the Frankenstein distributor will tell the ecu #2 cylinder is at TDC. Hence the reason to swap the sparkplug wires.

Another important point, the ignition timing might be synced back up by swapping the wires but your fuel injection isn't. We have sequencial fuel injection. With the Frankenstein distributor, the fuel injection timing will be off by 180. I'm surprise the engine even runs.

Lynch, it would be great if you took a picture of the distributor with the distributor cap off so we can see the rotor disk in relation to the cas. Put the engine at #1 TDC.
2011-04-27 01:14:05
its not off 180* its off 90* and the rotor points at the #2 plug hole on the dist cap with the engine at tdc on compression stroke.. which is why i made that goto #1 cylinder..

im not surprised it works, i've seen people do similar stuff before with the older datsuns an stuff.. i wasn't aware of the sequential fuel injection but apparently it doesn't care much.. the car runs pretty damn good

i am surprised that no one has done this before lol

i'll try to get more pics..
2011-04-27 02:42:33
It's 90* at the distributor, which is 180* at the crank. The crank spins 2X faster than cams and distributor. Each 360 slit in the distributor disk is read as 2 crank degrees. Our engine fires every 180* crank angle. When you are timing the engine you don't time it at the distributor, you time it at the crank pulley with the timing gun. When someone says they have 15* at idle, they mean 15* at the crank.

I bet since it's 180* off, you can probably swap the injector wires in the same sequence as the sparkplug wires, where #1 injector harness plug goes to #2 injector and so on. Would be a fun test.
2011-04-27 03:53:39
ohhhhhh i see what you mean!

ok that makes sense..

i will try swappin injectors and such just to see what happens..
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