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Thread: Fuel Pump Question

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2011-04-18 00:31:45
Fuel Pump Question
I am dropping in a VE soon with N1 and a N60 maf. I will be changing the fuel pump as well in my NX. My question is, Do I need to upgrade to a fuel pump that has more output? Or should I just replace with the same one? If I need to change it what brand and output? I have been reading the forums but this subject seems to be up in the air when it comes time to change one out.
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2011-04-18 00:34:57
Lots of people are running N1s on stock fuel pump. Some will upgrade to 370cc injectors though. You will be safe as long as the factory unit is functioning correctly.
2011-04-18 01:27:30
If your already changing the fuel pump and have a little more cash to play then just upgrade it.
2011-04-18 02:49:42
i have a stock VE and my stock F/P was failing and i found a decent shape not too much use WALBRO and just upgrade it and the psi is more stable than with the stock one and the afr's are certainly easy to achieve! Good Luck!
2011-04-18 04:56:27
Originally Posted by joelosr20
i found a decent shape not too much use WALBRO and just upgrade it

Was this a walbro 190?
2011-04-18 14:25:22
I used the VE with its stock injectors in my '00 B15 and stock fuel pump. No signs of running lean. Same with my '99 P11. Haven't confirmed yet but I think the '00+ pumps are stronger.

Seems like there's no reason to mess with fuel pressure and pumps until you can measure it properly. For that reason I'm adding an inline gauge to see how my current system runs before making changes.
2011-04-19 02:38:07
Originally Posted by 0garbageman0
Was this a walbro 190?

i don't really know specifically but its not the super high flow used for turbo my friend had it on his all motor civic.
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