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Thread: SR20VE+T Turbo

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2011-04-16 01:18:14
Originally Posted by P10

Edit: This is assuming you are only planning on using pump gas and don't plan on running some type of water/methanol injection. Not sure where you are at, but I can only get max 91 octane rating which would be too low alone to avoid detonation with VE pistons.

Why would you say that? have you tried or it is just your assumptions?
2011-04-16 01:27:26
I could be wrong, true there are those (jp for one) who have turbo'd the stock VE bottom end with great results both with power and reliability. Two things I've seen in common on their builds 1) they are either running high octane race gas and/or are using water/methanol injection and 2) they have some type of tubular header coupled with a turbine housing and down pipe option designed to reduce back pressure to a minimum.

I have yet to see someone using a stock DET or even GTiR cast manifold, VE pistons & rods and pump gas only on a 10 + psi set up. If you know of someone with such a build, I'd really like to know and get the name of their tuning shop!

More info in this thread, seems this conversation is already happening:
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