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Thread: sr24vvl HELP/...FIXED

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2011-03-29 23:53:51
sr24vvl HELP/...FIXED
where do i start...
its been awhile since i posted anything about the project and here's why.
the car hasn't run well since shortly after the STI injectors went in. it all started about 20 minutes (10 miles) after the injector swap. it ran great up to that point!
i was on the way back to the house after a test drive, when the engine died @ a stop light. it restarted but wouldn't idle. it would stay running (quite roughly) if i kept my foot on the throttle some. i made it home and started troubleshooting. first off was the CEL for the knock sensor. i cleared it with the scangauge2 but it came back.
so the knock sensor was replaced. but i STILL get a CEL for that sensor. it must have been ok to start with
the coolant temp sensor was replaced.
i just finished replacing the pathfinder maf with the stock de maf and adjusting the VQ table (Calum RT) accordingly. nothing yet has had ANY effect on these symptoms...start engine, it runs perfect for ~8-10 seconds then will die if the foot is off the gas pedal. as before, if i keep the foot on the pedal i can keep it running, although not well.
the ONE THING that i think is key is the TIME between startup and when it starts running like crap. it seems to be EXACTLY the SAME amount of time, EACH time.
so, this leads me to believe it must be a sensor or a value the ECU is looking for, but is either way out-of-range or non-existent.

when the engine IS running, there are no unusual noises. i believe it to be mechanically sound. it WILL REV beyond 3k, beyond 6k if i want it to..
maybe its running on the knock timing table when it switches from running great to crappy?
how do i disable the knock sensor with the b14 Calum RT?

any, and all, help greatly appreciated
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2011-03-30 01:52:13
why do u have sti injectors? can u swap back to what u had originally an test?
2011-03-30 03:48:20
I think its the injectors either you have a leak or they are not true 550's Did you have them flowed at all before putting them in and so on. Was this an all of a sudden problem or something thats been happening ever since. If its been happening then id say pull the injectors out and check them. I had this happen where the injectors I got from ebay were actually modified suby 555's to make them 860's. If the injectors have 4 pin holes in them they are probably fine, If they have just one large hole they are modified. Maybe you have a cut o-ring during the install. Again is it going rich or lean?
2011-03-30 03:49:35
ECU is expecting the sti injectors?
2011-03-30 04:23:43
Ric, I take it swaping the maf's didn't test anything different than what it was already

doing...? Also I'm about 99.9% sure it has nothing to do with the injectors, maybe

something to do with K value but not the injectors themselves. It has GOT to be in the

tuning somewhere, somethings missing & or not set correctly. I wish I was good at tuning

so I could help you out.

All I do know is, that you better figure it out before I leave up north so I can a chance to

feel the beast... Good luck my friend.

2011-03-30 05:01:10
was hoping to see you at Golden Gardens this year

hope ya get it fixed, im with these guys.. swap the other injectors in an go back to your old bin an see what happens
2011-03-30 08:30:31
fuel pump or reg
2011-03-31 02:04:37
1. the injectors were cleaned & flowed prior to the install. they are true (used but unmodded) sti injectors from an 05 sti. they flowed ~525cc.
2. the afr's are in the normal range, considering how its running (mid13's to mid14's)
3. ecu is set for 528.xx cc injectors, 172 k value and .82ms latency. which i believe should be right on.
4. oem fuel pump was replaced for giggles, 7-8 yrs ago, with a walbro 255. according to the giant under hood fp gauge, pressure is holding fine with the motor running.
5. i swapped the injectors because i was getting it ready for the dyno and the little 333's will not support the power potential of this motor. btw, the sti injectors (yellows) are a direct drop-in into the oem VE fuel rail.
what gets me is the fact the engine starts and runs PERFECTLY for ~8-10 seconds. then its like turning a light switch...instant crap

i'm still leaning towards the knock circuit causing the ecu to flip to the primary knock ignition table. i've tried changing the values of the individual cells of the primary knock ignition table, but it also changes the regular timing table. that's screwed up!
i'm using TunerProRT v4. what am i missing here? something simple like a check mark or something?

thanks guys,
2011-03-31 02:23:17
Hey Teal will the car idle with the maf unplugged? When it starts to run like crap do the A/F take a nose dive and go pig rich?
2011-03-31 10:02:47
Fuel pump.

Walbro are known for kicking the bucket, willl hold what will seem pressure but have no flow!
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