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Thread: highest output internally stock SR20VE

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2011-03-16 23:29:53
highest output internally stock SR20VE
firstly i did search

Just asking those with knowledge to chime in what is know to be the highest output internally stock SR20VE
2011-03-16 23:35:11
2011-03-17 00:29:21
Yeah do you mean nal forced induction. Internally stock long block, short block?
2011-03-17 02:03:08
I am asking about N/A and stock as in the valve cove have never been lifted, stock long block
2011-03-17 02:49:06
The highest HP figures for a stock SR20VE are 204HP, and IIRC that's the 2001+ model. That of course is bone stock. Calculate 15% drivetrain loss, and you've got 173whp. Previous model SR20VE was rated at 187HP, IIRC.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone has tuned a bone stock SR20VE, without header/exhaust at a minimum.
2011-03-17 03:00:13
I'm sure there are tons of people who have done just header, exhaust, intake, intake manifold, and engine tuning mods. Not every does internal mods. My guess is he doesn't want to open the motor up at all, but anything else is fair game.
2011-03-17 04:11:32
^^^ Correct outside work is fair game any mods possible just want to know whats the max before the motor is opened. kinda a feeler to the figures people making
Cliff i already know the stock figures
2011-03-17 11:27:52
A friend of mine has made 19xwhp with just intake, header and exhaust and a tune. Done on 93 oct pump gas... car trapped 102mph iirc with basic weight reduction...
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