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Thread: VVL for drifting S14 with a 4.6 Rear***BUILDING NOW***

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2011-02-19 21:43:21
VVL for drifting S14 with a 4.6 Rear***BUILDING NOW***
Basically the whole name of the game in drifting is relaibility and making it to events. In TX tehre are at least 2 events each month with a full day of drifting like 8AM to 5PM... My friend is telling me not waste my time with a VVL 200HP NA engine to drift. All I am goign to do is basically run a stock VVL setup and do cams and try and and tune it for low end torque with a long tube header. I am waiting on my block to arrive and have inquired to a bunch of ppl about pistons and rods for sale. But waiting on block to see if I need to go overbore or not. total build cost including ECU and tuning is going to be no more than $3,000 since I can piece together an Sr for that much. I honestly think that 200HP NA in an S14 that is prepped fully is enough for a beginner drifter which my girl will be piloting. Plus not going to run any stupid 265 series tires, just 205s and a proper alignment setting, besides, a freaking AE86 corolla keeps up with the turbo guys on the courses they lay out at events here in TX. Any thoughts. Setup will actually be a converted S13 SR20 harness running a chipped program with a SFAC for for tuning due to weather change. It will run on a coil pack system just like a turbo S13, but of course running a splitfire coilpack system. That's the cheapest and best way of running NA power. Revs will be limited to only factory redline for longevity, but I can increase them once the new cams and engine has been tested good. A 350Z only has 220HP and 180 ft lbs tq, 160 ft lbs tq is more than enough IMO to spin tires, not to mention the reliability we all know about the VVL valve train design. KA is not an option due to oiling and the fact they are not designed to rev for long periods of time. So Post your thoughts and also if you have links to parts for sale to help me out, feel free to PM me.
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2011-02-20 01:52:46
If you have the extra money id say punch the bore out to 88 and get that extra displacement and put some high compression pistons in there. That is a sure fire way to get the low end kick you need and have a hell of a top end as well. Should get you in the 230whp range with n1's and a longtube 4-1 header.

If not even 200whp n/a if the car is a gutted out drift car should be plenty and yes it should be very reliable.
2011-02-20 02:29:32
^^ this is very similar to what I am looking to do (minus the drifting part). I was just about to start a RWD VE thread but this should work. The mechanical part of the build seems pretty strait forward, my main concerns are around ignition. The 20v CAS solves the dizzy clearance problem and the DET's come COP already... Does the 20v CAS plug-and-play in the DET harness? Any light that can be shed on that would be a huge help for me. Thanks!
2011-02-20 03:30:02
^^^^All you have to do is chop the distributor off and run the CAS wheel from the ECU you are using, mainly an S13 SR20DET. Doing this allows you to use the factory ECU for cheap. People sell the CAS all the time with bad sensors, but the physical wheel is still in perfect shape.

I will do a simple stock bore size first, then have a 90mm built on stock sleeves...after I get all the bugs worked out and someone wants to purchase the stock setup. If anyone is interested in how we do it in TX, Hit up this site aaron losey's videos on Vimeo
and see for yourself. I have several friends that are in this years series and the first event is in 2 weeks from now. I won't be able to make it, but my girl will be riding along with my friends to see who drifting an NA is different than a turbo engine. She has ridden in the purple AE86 before and was amazed at how he kept speed even with 140HP.
2011-02-20 04:36:17
cool, I guess I just have to get my hands on a RWD SR CAS and have a closer look. Good luck with your build, NA ftw!
2011-02-20 05:20:32
Originally Posted by David
^^^^All you have to do is chop the distributor off and run the CAS wheel from the ECU you are using, mainly an S13 SR20DET. Doing this allows you to use the factory ECU for cheap. People sell the CAS all the time with bad sensors, but the physical wheel is still in perfect shape

I have been considering this swap as well for my SR20DE-powered Silvia.

If I understand what your saying, all that needs to be done, to use a S13 ECU, is to disassemble a 20V CAS and replace it's wheel with a S13 CAS wheel?

I'm looking forward to seeing how your project goes.
2011-02-20 07:06:49
don't even bother with the 20v cas it's super expensive but from what I have heard will wig out over 9k. Use the stock dizzy and machine it down.
2011-02-21 03:06:15
I knew it would only be a matter of time before this popped up. I am subscribed to see where this is going. I have speculated that a gutted S13 with a NA VE set up of around 200whp would be a great car to drift on the local level. Please keep us posted on your projects.

Also, is the ECU and harness for the RWD DE the same or similar to the RWD DET (S13 red top stuff)???? I was thinking about picking up a RWD DE as a start to this project instead of spend the extra money on a DET.
2011-02-21 15:34:32
Block is getting here on Wed. Previous owner rod knocked it slightly so it was torn down, inside looks really good, not a lot of blow by at all, best thing is, it was an SR20DE block, so no worries about feed line plug leaking or any other turbo lines leaking once plugged, plus the NA blocks are always in better shape cylinder wall wise. I'll post pics of it up when it comes in, already have a VE crankshaft, but waiting on piston decision once I know the bore of the engine, more than likely I will just use the regular VE pistons on this one, and then wait for another engine block to pop up and build a proper one once I have enough cash. Thanks for the support!
2011-02-21 16:04:24
question is can u get 200whp out of a rwd na vvl.... ive seen it not as easy as most seem it to be but thats on the fwd.... now with more power lose [being that its rwd] wouldnt this make it an even taller task....
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