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Thread: Need some Input on a VE build

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2011-02-07 01:16:17
Need some Input on a VE build
I am starting to build a VE to put in my nx. I just want a little input on whether I am going in the right direction. I want a daily driver that runs on 93 octane which I can take to the track(1/4 and track) and have some fun, I am looking to run a mid to low 13.

List of parts
N1 cams
N1 pistons
Hks Cam Gears
Springs and Reatainers
Manley rods
JWT ecu
And other bolt-ons such as pop charger, pulleys, headers, cold air.
I’m figuring that I will change the fuel pump too, since it is inexpensive, but should I get a bigger MAF Sensor if so what size/kind, throttle body or even a msd? What type of switch should I get for the cams? Are the pistons overkill?
Any comments and suggestions will help thanks.
2011-02-07 03:38:18
If your looking for a mid 13 sec daily driver your over thinking this.

A stock long block ve with an ebay header and off the shelf tune did 13.5@100 in my car back when it was almost full interior. And once adding cams, nice header, a good tune and some weight reduction I was in the 12s on stock motor doing 105-107mph...

Just my two cents but id suggest seeing how far you can take the stock motor, especially for a daily.
2011-02-07 04:29:23
Hey Cory, is that still with stock Piston size and compression?
2011-02-07 04:30:24
That is good to know. I may be running faster than I would expect.
2011-02-07 05:38:32
Cory you say nice header, would the ASP Budget header be a good one or the Ebay 2.5 header? Which one would you rather pick that is worth it cuz the ASP is $400+ and the Ebay one is 100buck only.

Been looking for a nice header but i just want a nice very quick DD.
2011-02-07 13:07:12
Yes those times are both with a stock motor. And the good header I was refering to wasmy custom made 4-1. And the idk between the asp and the ssac. The ssac worked well for me up to about 200whp.
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