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Thread: 2.4ve initial driving impressions

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2011-02-02 23:13:34
2.4ve initial driving impressions
the motor has ~60 (easy) miles on it now. so today i upped the rev limiter to 6k and set the cam switch points 6.5k, so it would stay on the n1 small lobes.
the timing map is now -11* across the board from the 2.0 map i was running previously. still on the stock ve injectors and 1yr old gas i upped the fp by ~8psi.
the good:
throttle response is lightening fast. (70mm t/b may be responsible ?)
this motor revs MUCH faster than the 4cw 2.0, even though it has a heavier 8cw crank.
the power on tap is the WOW factor. 2nd gear starts losing traction @~4.5k.
want to QUICKLY pass the car in front of you, press the GO pedal, while you keep both hands on the steering wheel
the not so good:
imho, the b15 tranny has the WRONG ratio's for a bb ve highway cruiser. 1st gear is almost useless (too low) around town (wheels spin too easily), and i found myself trying to find a 6TH GEAR @ 55mph entering the freeway:o
our friend TORQUE STEER has appeared in a bigger way
poly mm's all around suck-ass. will go back to stock (soft) passenger side/drivers side tranny mounts eventually. (wuss-factor):o
i've GOT to quite it down more...maybe a 3" vt muffler? (more wuss-factor):o:o
next changes will be for STi injectors and the corresponding re-tune of the calum rt using tprt.

i'm starting to re-think the want for bigger than N1 cams, since it has yet to hit the big lobes
Last edited by Teal97 on 2011-02-04 at 00-05-52. Reason: accuracy..re-adjusted exh. cam
2011-02-02 23:37:59
videos, videos, videos,...
2011-02-02 23:42:05
All i can say is drive it spiritedly,let the rpm climb and fall, get it up to 5k rpms afew times.Dont be afraid.......
2011-02-03 00:19:34
Good for you Teal97.

Its great to see a few serious big bore 2.4L VE motors.

I should have mine up and running in about 2-3 months tops.
2011-02-03 00:32:26
Awesome teal !

2011-02-03 00:49:31
good deal, what's you set up again?
2011-02-03 01:02:18
I like. Wish i had the balls (and pocket) to build one.
2011-02-03 01:34:57
Originally Posted by squirlz
I like. Wish i had the balls (and pocket) to build one.

2011-02-03 01:36:32
BTW congrats teal, I hope everything turns out great. break her in soft dont rush the break in, it's crucial for the proper break in.GL
2011-02-03 01:43:05
it's all here
Originally Posted by Keo
good deal, what's you set up again?

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