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Thread: JWT Computer with the VVL daughterboard

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2011-01-31 06:55:06
JWT Computer with the VVL daughterboard
Ok all I can say is problems problems problems. I dont recommend it at all.

Its in my buddies car and we cannot get it to activate the cams. JWT has sent me the diagram and all the wiring is how it is supposed to be.

I have pin 114 run to the ground of the solenoids and a good 12v power source. If I ground the solenoids the cams run all the time so I know the solenoids are good. I am lost on it.

I am at the point of just getting a msd box and using it. But I feel like its a big waste if the computer is doing what it is supposed to make the cams work.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.
2011-01-31 15:26:03
didnt know jim wolf ecus did that... thats awesome!! i want my ecu to activate my cams... guess ill have to keep my 50buck daughterboard setup and my 50 buck vtec controller... btw how much do those jim wolf things cost again?
2011-01-31 15:39:09
It's the daughter board with the nos controller on it. Instead of of nos it kicks the VVL. It prob works off grounds so you would need to hook up the relay the right way.
2011-02-02 06:36:52
I never understood why it didn't switch in the NX either, even though the check engine light flashed on at cam switch every time. Did you add the diode in the JWT drawing? I don't think RJ did in mine and maybe that is why it didn't complete the circuit. I ended up putting in a single MSD box.

I can get you one of the MSD boxes from my SE-R. I'm switching to the Greddy MSS in the console I picked up from Foster's this spring. I'm going to keep the second box from the SE-R for the NX so I can separate the cam switch points.
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